Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey prepare to find their true love in season 19 of Bachelorette.

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia will work together to find a potential future husband.

ABC teased fans with a new promotion for season 19 of The Bachelorette, which is making headlines on social media sites.

Everything about the upcoming Bachelorette season goes wild in the look of the teaser.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Season 19 will be ‘Summer’s Ultimate Bachelor Party’.

Bachelorette recently shared a new preview of season 19 with her fans and followers on her Instagram page.

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia set ‘double the fun’ as they prepare to find their future husband.

The clip opens with two women in tight-fitting dresses made of white cloth covered with red roses. They wore black stiletto heels while placing a red suitcase in the trunk of a red convertible.

The promotion then moves on to Windey and Recchia’s tour, led by a double ‘bachelor’.

Then the ladies were seen greeting host Jesse Palmer as they prepared to begin their journey from the mansion.

Few men dangling around women during initial greetings and cocktail parties.

Recchia says ‘Bring it on!’, showing excitement.

Shania Twain’s ‘Man! I feel like a woman!’ A montage of Bachelorette dates plays in the background of the clip, featuring for the gorgeous woman.

The promo clip also gives you a glimpse of the dates of two key women, including helicopter and yacht rides.

There will be several scenes including a man with a shirt off, fireworks, and a rich kissing scene while the group competes for the hearts of Windey and Recchia.

Fans React to Bachelorette Season 19’s New Promotion

Although the teaser didn’t reveal any spoilers for the upcoming season, fans had more than expected of the show’s premiere.

They went to the comments section of the post to express their feelings.

As one user said, ‘literally counting dates’.

Another user said ‘one of the best promotions so far’.

The thread reviewing the promotional video was also quickly removed from Reddit.

One of them said, ‘It’s a perfect teaser! Perfect song selection, the girl’s looks are gorgeous and the mood is unrealistic.’

Another Redditor added, ‘I’m embarrassed to say I was laughing and chatting the whole time.’



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