Racist allegations involving Mark Wahlberg reappear during Hallow app approval

At the end of June, several social media ads were released in which Mark Wahlberg endorsed the Catholic app Hallow. Sponsored by Hallow, the ad featured a picture of Wahlberg holding a phone and using an app.

One netizen tweeted a screenshot of an ad with a promotional image along with the following phrase:

“Pray with Mark Wahlberg only on Hallow, the #1 Catholic app.”

According to their Instagram, ads for Wahlberg have been on social media since April. Also, the application and the actor’s film father Stu (2022). However, some Twitter users have now raised racial accusations against the Transformers actor after the ad.

Mark Wahlberg’s name is once again linked to racist allegations in light of the Hallow app approval.

A lot of people on social media expressed their surprise at the Hallow app starring Wahlberg. Several tweets criticized Wahlberg for racist acts in the past. The tweet drew attention to the actor’s numerous accusations of racial harassment as a teenager.

According to one user, Mark Wahlberg could be a racist, a mediocre actor, a Christian, a felon, but the worst thing about him is that he’s from Boston.

Another said he should spend the rest of his life asking God for forgiveness for the numerous instances of racist violence that Mark Wahlberg has committed in his life.

Someone else said, “Boston is racist. Have you seen Mark Wahlberg?”

The Independent claims that in 1986, when Wahlberg was 15, he and three friends chased three black children. According to the allegations, they shouted racial vocations and stones. He received a civil rights restraining order as a result of these assaults. However, according to reports, the charges were settled within a month.

Two years later, at the age of 17, the actor got drunk and attacked two Vietnamese men. Then Wahlberg struck one of them in the eye and the other with a wooden stick. The actor is also accused of racially slandering them. He said “Vietnam f***ing s***,” To them.

Mark Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder in the aforementioned attack in 1988 and was sentenced to two years in prison. Nevertheless, he was eventually sentenced to 45 days in prison for a racially motivated offense.

What is the message of the Mark Wahlberg Hallow app ad?

According to the report, Wahlberg advised viewers to “keep praying” in one of his video ads for the Hallow Catholic app. The actor is said to have said:

“Let’s pray the Rosary together.”

Mark Wahlberg made three prayers available in the app, following an Instagram post about the app on April 13th. These include The Anima Christi, Rosary, and Holy Spirit Prayer. It also revealed the actor’s 2022 film, Father Stu’s unique prayer. The 51-year-old Boston native also favored numerous posts with his account on his app’s main Instagram page.

Also last March, Mark Wahlberg posted a silent video to his social media account promoting the Hallow app. This ad covered Catholic Lent and Hallow’s “Pray40” social challenge. Wahlberg’s involvement with the app appears to have begun in collaboration with Father Stu.

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