Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello was tackled by security during his Toronto gig.

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello was accidentally tackled by a security guard during a band concert in Toronto on Saturday night.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Tom Morello of Rage Against Machine has been dealt with by security.

As Rage Against the Machine was performing their final track, Killing in the Name, for an audience in Toronto, suddenly a fan in a red shirt ran to the front of the stage.

But before he could even jump into the crowd, he was blocked by security guards at the event.

Moreover, the guards not only prevented the stage collider from jumping, but also stumbled upon Tom Morello, who was playing guitar on stage.

According to online video, the 58-year-old guitarist also partially fell off the stage when he made contact with the security guard.

The band’s frontman, Zack de la Rocha, also abruptly stopped performing as soon as he saw Morello fall into a pit.

Every time the music stopped, he shouted ‘Wait, wait, wait’. The vocalist has been in a wheelchair since he injured his leg in one of his previous performances on a reunion tour.

Moreover, Morello stood up and returned to the stage, where the band continued to perform in the frenzied crowd.

Fans react to Tom Morello’s accident

After a video of Tom Morello’s accident started circulating on the Internet, fans took to Twitter.

One netizen said, ‘Like a real rock star, #RATM did not stop broadcasting. What an amazing concert.’

Another praised ‘Make this a feature of every show’.

Also, one user wrote ‘Rage next to the machine’ and another user wrote ‘I would have paid if I had seen it!’

Another fan claimed, ‘I wish I had a VAX passport’.

Someone claimed that ‘the guard must be tired of his friend.’

One individual suggested that ‘by now, it can be understood as anger towards the machine’.

On the other hand, another netizen ridiculed it, saying, “I was tackled by a Springsteen fan who was angry with the ticket price.”

The Morello case is not the first. The news came shortly after security forces pushed a fan who was trying to approach Lil Baby during a concert.

Roddy Ricch also got into an argument with a fan after repeated attempts to pull the rapper’s leg at a recent gig.

Meanwhile, Cardi B had an argument with a fan while trying to grab the artist’s microphone at the Wireless Festival.


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