Rapper Money Gang Bontae was shot dead in New York

The creepy video shows Los Angeles-based drill rapper “Money Gang Vontae” being shot and killed by a group of four men trying to steal his gold chains from a Bronx pharmacy in broad daylight.

Horrible video obtained by The Post on Friday shows a man shooting and killing Avanti Frower, 27, after gangs brutally assaulted Avanti Frower, 27, inside the Amazing Pharmacy on East Tremont Avenue near Arthur Avenue on Thursday at 3:45 p.m. .

“They don’t have to be on the street. Never!” Avanti’s father, Roger Frower, 56, told the Washington Post about his daughter. “If you kill someone in the store in broad daylight, it’s a betrayal.”

“They made a mistake,” Frower continued. “They did the stupidest thing they could do in life.” And I pray that God will pay them all.”

Who is the real money gang?

Frowner is a drill rapper from Los Angeles who previously lived in Chicago under the name Money Gang Vontae. According to police sources and his father, he was in town for the show.

Roger Frower didn’t know about Avanti’s trip to New York “until my brother called me.”

“My son is gone,” said Roger Frauner. “He’s in a different state and there’s nothing I can do about it.” So you know I have a big guy on my mind.”

What is shown in the video?

One of the suspects, wearing a white t-shirt and white Durrag, appears to be struggling to grab something from Frowner in the video, but before three additional suspects rush through the door.

Behind the counter, a worker can be seen kneeling.

Frower was knocked to the ground by the suspects, who pushed him over the swing door and into the area behind the counter. There, one of the men attacked him with a long umbrella.

The worker behind the counter disappears after a man in Durag has fired at least four shots, and the unfortunate victim is crouched behind the counter in a blood-soaked shirt.

money gang

Bontae made his last appearance in front of the Bronx Bodega in the photo published on the official Money Gang Bontae Instagram account.

He said, “I’m so used to counting money, so paper cuts came out!!”

Frauner’s mother, Andrea Banks, announced the death of her son on Facebook on Thursday afternoon.

“They killed my son MoneyGang Avanti Frowner Wolfpack. It breaks my heart so much,” she posted on her Facebook page, using Frowner’s name.

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