Rapper The Game Supports Nicki Minaj NoGrammyForGranny After Fans Started Trending

The 2023 Grammy nominations were announced this week, which was a huge moment for the music industry. Nicki Minaj has already expressed displeasure with The Recording Academy’s selection, and she was no different this year. Nicki Minaj’s hit single “Super Freaky Girl” went from her rap to pop during her review, and Nicki Minaj took to her latest Twitter to voice her own thoughts. In the end, the song didn’t work. Despite being hailed as a GOAT rapper with an unrivaled career, Nicki Minaj has yet to win a Grammy. Her devoted fan base expected this year to be a turning point, but she was disappointed.

As a result of this controversy, there have been hashtags that speak badly of Minaj and her accomplishments. Nonetheless, many of her peers, including The Game, sent her messages of support. After Nicki Minaj missed her single nomination, she trended #NoGrammyForGrany on Twitter,” she wrote The Game in a post published by Hollywood Unlocked. The reason why female rap is booming in this era is funny because Nikki is one of the best!!!! The game wrote over the image. If MF behaves differently, it’s literally crazy. The Grammys were criticized for omitting Nicki Minaj due to her ongoing criticism of the Recording Academy. Her spitting with Latto was the focus during consideration time.

Games and Doja cat defend Nicki Minaj after #NoGrammyForGranny started trending on Twitter.

After hearing that Nicki Minaj was not nominated for a Grammy in 2023, The Game stepped up to defend the Queen rapper. According to a HollywoodUnlocked Instagram post on Tuesday (November 15), Nicki Minaj’s failure to win a single Grammy Award at the 2023 Grammy Awards prompted her detractors to coin her hashtag #NoGrammyForGranny. It’s funny because Nikki is largely responsible for the female rap game of this era!!!!!!!!!! Image courtesy of The Game. It’s literally crazy for MF to act any other way. The Game revealed her own thoughts just hours after The Recording Academy announced her 2023 Grammy Award nominations without Nicki Minaj’s name. Despite breaking her record and topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Nicki found success with her hit song “Super Freaky Girl.”

According to voters last month, the song, which samples Rick James’ “Super Freak,” is only being reviewed in the pop category, not the traditional rap song. Nicki Minaj responded to the announcement on her Twitter after her announcement. As long as we are all treated fairly, I have no problem leaving the RAP category.” she tweeted. If SFG moved 2B from RAP, so will Big Energy. People who say otherwise simply hate Nicki or are trolls. It would be great to see more street record wins, male or female! IJS rightIsRight. she continued. Can you imagine hearing her tell her not to complain about unfair treatment at work? that’s what i do I put in a lot of effort. As in the 9-5 workplace, if you are being deliberately disrupted, you must speak up. Nicki Minaj has been nominated for a Grammy 10 times, but she has never won one. As of yet, she has not spoken publicly about her Grammy nominations.

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