Real Madrid star claims Mohamed Salah ignored them

Mohamed Salah has been accused of ‘ignoring’ Real Madrid as tensions rise ahead of Saturday’s Champions League final.

Liverpool will be determined to finish the season with a third cup trophy in Paris over the weekend after missing out on last weekend’s Premier League title.

At least the Egyptian could end his campaign with Liverpool getting some retaliation from Real, who suffered an injury in the first half and lost to Real in the 2018 final.

Salah was in tears because she had to leave Kyiv four years ago. Image: PA Image

However, these remarks were not well communicated in Spain, and Federico Valverde called the remarks ‘disrespectful’ to the 13-time European champion.

“Obviously it is a word that everyone can take as they please,” said the midfielder. markka.

“I am his opponent and the players are like ignoring the Real Madrid badge.

“The only thing we have to do is do our best and show why we made it to the finals and hopefully we can give the fans and Real Madrid another trophy.”

The moment Salah was injured in the 2018 Champions League final.  Image: PA Image
The moment Salah was injured in the 2018 Champions League final. Image: PA Image

“I want to play for Madrid and I have to be honest,” the Egyptian forward told BT Sport when asked about who he would like to face after winning the match against Villarreal.

“Manchester City are a really tough team. We played with them a few times this season.

“If you ask me personally, I prefer Madrid. We lost the final against them. I want to play with them and I want us to win.”

It doesn’t seem too rude, but Valverde is treating it like the worst thing Kylian Mbappe has done to Los Blancos since PSG was a good choice…

Valverde didn't like Salah.  Image: PA Image
Valverde didn’t like Salah. Image: PA Image

Liverpool defeated Aston Villa 2-0 by Manchester City after a brutal counterattack without even playing on the weekend.

Real had to fight from behind against PSG, Chelsea and City all the way to the final, which is very grateful to Valverde.

“The first thing to do is to thank the fans, because when the game seems to be losing, when there are no vacancies, when the team is in a bad mood, the fans are always there to support us.” said the midfielder.

“It gives us a plus, inexplicable energy. The game isn’t over until the referee says so.

“The biggest match was against City. Losing at 89 minutes and blinking an eye and winning is very difficult to get through again. It’s something that doesn’t happen very often in life.”

Liverpool’s comeback victory with Salah scoring the winner could be the ultimate revenge rather than disrespect for Real…


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