Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine is scouring YouTube for up-and-coming talents like Home Edit.

  • Hello Sunshine from Reese Witherspoon acquired The Home Edit in February.
  • The two companies previously collaborated on the digital series and Netflix reality show “Get Organized”.
  • Hello Sunshine is turning to YouTube to find new talent partners, CEO Sarah Harden said.

Years before Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine acquired lifestyle brand Home Edit, the two companies collaborated to create a digital series. As their relationship blossomed, they teamed up to create an original show for Hello Sunshine’s YouTube page, and later introduced Netflix in a reality show about tidying the house called “Clean Up”.

Hello Sunshine’s work with a home editor, bought at an undisclosed price, along with plans to create content and commerce products in February, is “to support women in empowering them to become business owners and talents and build a cultural lifestyle driven by storytelling.” “It is part of a broader mission. “, CEO Sarah Harden told Insider.

Hello Sunshine expects to continue mining its digital and social channels to uncover new talent as it nears its one-year sale to Candle Media, a Blackstone-backed business led by Kevin Mayer and Tom Staggs. With home editing.

“We are constantly talking to the YouTube team,” Harden said. “We’re looking at who’s emerging fast and who builds truly genuine connections and unique relationships through content and storytelling directly to consumers.”

Before co-starring at the Google Marketing Live trade show on Tuesday, Harden spoke with Insider with Google executive Allan Thygesen, who leads the search giant’s $100 billion+ advertising business in North and South America.

Hello Sunshine is known for making TV shows like the Apple TV+ drama “The Morning Show”, but


The limited series “Little Fires Everywhere” — also built a digital community through YouTube and Reese’s Book Club app. Here, readers can discover and talk about books such as “The Crawdads Sing,” adapted into a movie starring Hello Sunshine. “Normal People” breakout Daisy Edgar-Jones.

Harden said Hello Sunshine’s digital presence (the channel has 15.2 million YouTube lifetime views and over 3 million Instagram followers between the two accounts) is partly built to ensure that it’s ubiquitous. its consumers.

“It used to be easier because we could develop a show and put it on a single platform,” she said. “But our consumers


We serve social platforms to get in the car.”

Thygesen describes Hello Sunshine as “one of the most innovative companies we work with,” says Thygesen, which excels at creating content that has a “mission” (such as female-led stories) while also tapping into viewers’ desire for streaming TV. mentioned that. According to Nielsen, it currently accounts for 30% of all TV time.

For example, Kevin Hart’s Hartbeat recently raised $100 million and many celebrities have set up production companies, but with Hello Sunshine, Witherspoon has also started creating consumer-oriented brands. Harden said the goal is to build a business that stands out from the competition, regardless of platform, and draws viewers to Hello Sunshine’s programs.

Thygesen said Hello Sunshine’s “distribution range” is something any brand, including retail, can learn.

“This is what best-in-class marketing looks like,” he said. “It’s a unified lifecycle campaign that leverages all platforms. Yes, that product may be sexier than most, but the same lesson.”

Backed by Candle, which reportedly valued its business at around $900 million in its Hello Sunshine deal, Harden said the next phase of its lifecycle will include direct-to-consumer (D2C) business growth.

She said the deal allowed company management to “take a deep breath and say, ‘Okay, now let’s look at the next five years. How do we set ourselves up in Hello Sunshine’? Candlelight — so that we can move with agility in the same changing times next time. is to do.”

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