Renamed to Facebook Pay, Meta Pay

The metamorphosis of the internet continues with the rebranding of Facebook’s mobile payment platform as Meta Pay.

Customers can expect a name change “soon”. According to Stefan Casriel(Opens in a new window)Head of Commercial and Financial Technology at Meta.

Available from 2019 on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, Meta Pay will soon be used by people and businesses in 160 countries to request payments, installment rates, cash gifts and money in 55 currencies.

While the rebranding is underway, Meta is in the early stages of creating a simplified “single-wallet experience” where people can represent “who they are, what they own, and how they pay,” Kasriel said. That is, a way for users to prove their identity, store digital goods and, most importantly, use them on the metaverse.

“We see this as a significant opportunity to draw more people into the financial system,” the blog said, highlighting the importance of connecting people to basic investment services. “We have seen firsthand that when people have access to financial tools, they are more empowered to support themselves and others or to start a business.”

Facebook, Inc. changed its name to Meta last October to reflect the company’s new priorities for deployment. ready player one– A unique virtual reality world where people live, work and play through avatars and digital goods. However, the title change was not limited to the parent company. Products like Oculus Quest and Facebook Portal are now known as Meta Quest and Meta Portal. It is unclear whether Facebook Messenger will follow suit.

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