Renata Lee (riwww)

Facts about Renata Ri

birthday October 2, 1998
age 24 years old
place of birth russia
zodiac zodiac Aquarius
nationality Russian
ethnicity Russian
job Model and Instagram Star
key 5 feet 4 inches
relationship status Single
net worth $600,000 – $650,000 (more info below)

Renata Ri is an attractive, elegant and glamorous model representing Russia to the world. She is very good at what she does and seems to enjoy every part of her. She surprised fans with her fashion, style and model. She is a very hardworking and passionate worker. She believes that anything can be achieved with relentless hard work and is here to prove it to the world.

Renata Valliulina curvy

childhood and family

Renata Lee born to October 2, 1998, in russia. Renata is of Russian descent. Renata Ri has not commented on her parents so far as Renata Ri appears to be pessimistic about her family history. Renata has been passionate about modeling and fashion since her childhood. She has a deep-rooted passion for modeling. Her fashion, style, glamor and dress are the things that fascinate her the most. You can tell she’s the best at what she does because modeling is her passion. . Renata Ri’s childhood was truly wonderful with the much care and love of her parents. They were consistently meeting everything Renata needed to pursue. Simply put, Renata went through a childhood that arguably played a pivotal role in her rapid growth.

Renata Ri hasn’t revealed much about her education and qualifications. Renata said she had completed her high school education, but details about where she studied Renata are unknown.

Renata Lee Boyfriend and relationship

Becoming a famous international model is no easy task. We constantly receive questions about our privacy that can sometimes be difficult to deal with. The same is true for the Renata Ri. She is a young model who proudly represents her own homeland, Russia. We’ve done her dom study of her romance to help her fans get to know her better, and according to him, Renata is most likely her current single. When it comes to sharing her private life, she is relatively quiet and inconspicuous. She may not date anyone in public, but she can meet someone in private. So it is safe to say that she is currently single. She appears to be focusing on her own career and wants to make it big in her modeling industry.

Renata Lee CAREER

Renata Ri is a famous Russian model. She is also considered one of the richest and most successful models to represent her country. She did a lot of modeling that helped her get to the top.

She posted a picture of herself with Mosha Makeeva on her Instagram account in May 2018.

She also went on vacation to Paris, France in February 2019. She acted as a brand ambassador for the grafea backpack.

Renata Ri’s height, weight and body measurements

The Renata Ri is 5 feet 4 inches tall. However, information about Renata Lee’s weight is still unknown. Renata looks very attractive with her beautiful blue eyes and light brown hair. Also, she has a slim, curvaceous body. However, detailed statistics showing Renata’s body dimensions are unknown.

Renata Lee Net Worth

modelling: Renata Ri is a famous model. She has earned all her fame by hand and is staying here. She made herself like her brand. Her constant work brought her fame and wealth. According to pay explorer.comThe average salary of a Russian model is 15,000.

support: Since her Instagram account has over 1.7 million followers, advertisers pay a certain amount for the posts they create. Considering her 15 recent posts, the average follower engagement rate for each post is 14.14%. So, the average estimate of how much she charges for her sponsorship is $3,464.25 – $5,773.75.

Renata Valliulina Instagram Income
Renata Valliulina Instagram Income

So, calculating Renata’s revenue streams mentioned above, the estimated net worth of Renata Ri over several years is $600,000 – $650,000.

Additional Facts About Renata Ri

  • Happy birthday Renata Ri. October 2, 1998. Therefore, Renata Lee’s age is 22 as of May 2021.
  • The constellation of Renata Ri is Aquarius.
  • Favorite Movie: What Happened One Night (1934)
  • Favorite Actor: Joaquin Phoenix
  • Favorite Actress: Marcia Gay Harden
  • Favorite book: The Tale of Genji
  • Favorite Author: John Keats
  • Favorite color: purple
  • Favorite destination: Chichen Itza: Mayan metropolis (Mexico)
  • Favorite food: Mousse
  • Favorite Fruit: Suriname Cherry
  • Favorite Singer: Patty Smith
  • Favorite song: Dilemma
  • Favorite sport: Cricket


cue: What is Renata Lee birthday?

all: Born Renata Lee October 2, 1998.

cue: What is Renata Lee age?

all: Renata Lee 24 years old.

cue: what is Lee Renata Key?

all: Renata Lee’s height 5 feet 4 inches.

Q: Who is Rirenata’s boyfriend??

all: Renata Lee Currently single.

cue: what is What is the Net Worth of Renata Ri?

all: Renata Ri’s net worth is $600,000 – $650,000.

Rumors and Controversies

It is clear that some bad information about people related to them, such as Lee Renata, has been spread here and there. People who hate Renata may try to make up her story and take her down because of her jealousy and her jealousy. But Renata didn’t think deeply about it anymore. It’s good to focus on her positivity and love, and Renata’s fans and followers think so. Renata has done a great job of keeping herself away from her arguments to this day.

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