Rendon listed as switch hitter after left-handed home run

Angels manager Joe Maddon has named third baseman Anthony Rendon as a switch hitter ahead of the team’s Wednesday game starting Tuesday, a tribute to the now-famous Rendon’s home run.

In Tuesday’s race vs. game, the Angels led 10-0 in the bottom of the eighth, and right-handed Rendon decided to walk to base as a left-handed hitter. So can you when you’re winning so much, right?

Well, Rendon ended up hitting a home run from his non-dominant flank and gave the Angels two more runs in that inning. They won 12-0.

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That was enough evidence for Maddon to list his player as a switch hitter. Will Rendon try another left-handed hitter on Wednesday night? Now it is possible that Maddon will make his title official.

His left-hand home run was Rendon’s fourth home run of the season. Rendon is batting .206 across 28 games. He has 21 hits and 11 runs.

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