Report: China bans Uyghurs from discussing concentration camps and receiving international calls

According to Chinese police, radio free asia (RFA) On Wednesday, the Chinese government issued guidelines across Xinjiang to ban captive Uyghur Muslims from discussing brainwashing camps in the area.

Uyghurs have also been instructed not to answer calls from overseas numbers. The gag order was reportedly meant to disinfect her kidneys before the arrival of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet later this month.

After a comically overt effort to get Bachelet (former Chilean socialist president) and other UN observers into a corner while cleaning up the dirty work, the Chinese finally agreement Allow members to visit before the end of May in March.

The price of this long delayed visit appears to have included the UN cracking down on damned reports on human rights in Xinjiang. This outraged many human rights activists who suspected that Bachelet’s visit would end in the same sort of thing. Step Care White Wash The World Health Organization (WHO) encountered it while investigating the origin of the Wuhan coronavirus.

A coalition of organizations including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, in a letter to Bachelet in March, called for a timely release of a UN report on Xinjiang and said, “We are concerned about the relative silence of your office on these grave violations. expressed,” he said.

A report from the RFA on Wednesday revealed that a police officer in Xinjiang (a self-proclaimed CCP member who had to remain anonymous for his own safety) was receiving weekly “political study sessions” from law enforcement agencies. UN Visit Management:

Officials issued a notice banning Uyghurs from talking about “re-education” or camps, but added that they should only mention the positive aspects of re-education, if raised, – a way to live a good and normal life. , said the Kashgar officer.

The Uyghurs were told not to improvise when the UN team arrived and asked questions, he said.

A police official said, “I was instructed not to talk about re-education and the current situation, but to talk positively about life here.”

The RFA said it had contacted Xinjiang police in the process of confirming reports that Uyghurs were paid to perform festive dances to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

The RFA also documented several instances where Chinese officials warned Uyghurs not to divulge “state secrets”, call unknown numbers or speak to UN investigators without government approval. The Chinese government has actually produced an educational video showing Uyghurs programming their phones to automatically reject calls from foreign numbers.

“I am afraid that people will give real information about the situation on the ground before the UN team goes. That’s why they stress these restrictions,” concentration camp survivor Zumrat Dawut told the RFA.

This photo, taken on May 31, 2019, shows the exterior walls of the complex, which includes what is believed to be mostly concentration camps. Uyghur A minority of Muslims are detained outside of Khotan in Xinjiang in northwestern China. (GREG BAKER/AFP via Getty Images)

“The Chinese government has not hinted that it will allow the UN High Commissioner to see anything he does not want to see. She must not disappoint victims of crimes against humanity and other serious abuses by allowing Chinese authorities to fabricate her visits,” said Sophie Richardson, China Director, Human Rights Watch (HRW). pointed out last month.

“Without an ambitious and strong agenda to advance human rights in China, Bachelet’s visit risks empowering the perpetrators, not the victims,” ​​said Richardson.

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