Report: Dad jumped to death while family filmed him on boat

Video footage shows a family vacationing in Spain capturing the tragic moment when their father jumps off a cliff after a stunt fails.

An unidentified Dutch tourist jumps 100 feet while filming his wife and son in the Malgraz Islands on Thursday, the New York Post reported. report. This is a popular cliff jumping spot for vacationers.

that much terrible video He catches his father jumping before he realizes he hasn’t cleared the sharp boulder. At one point he screamed. He eventually cuts through the rocks before falling into the water.

“Oh My God!” When the clip ended, the man’s wife shouted. (Related: Man jumps from cliff into lake in nerve-racking video)

search went Proceeding According to the NYP, it used rescue boats, helicopters and diving teams to work with authorities to rescue the man’s body. His body was later recovered.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry confirmed the man’s death. DutchNews.Nl.

A similar incident took place a few months ago, in which a wife drowned in the harsh Mediterranean waters after her husband tried to rescue a little girl from drowning.

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