Republican Senator Rand Paul alone is holding a $40 billion package for Ukraine.

  • This week, Senator Rand Paul became the only supporter to block expedited aid to Ukraine.
  • Paul unanimously opposed the efforts of Senator Schumer and McConnell to move forward.
  • Paul is asking for the appointment of a Inspector General to oversee money spent in Ukraine.

On Thursday, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul became the sole supporter against a bipartisan effort to approve $40 billion in aid to Ukraine.

pole was against With support from Senate Minorities Chuck Schumer and Senate Minorities Mitch McConnell, they blocked the unanimous vote needed to expedite funding.

Paul debated the bill, asked for no more than 60 votes, and argued that an inspector general should be appointed to oversee money spending in Ukraine.

“No matter what cause I sympathize with,” Paul said, “my oath of office is for the national security of the United States of America.” “You cannot save Ukraine by ruining the American economy.”

Paul’s objection was in stark contrast to McConnell’s statement in the Senate.

McConnell said, “Ukraine isn’t asking us to wage this war. They’re just asking for the resources they need to defend themselves from this crazy invasion. And they need this help now.”

Similarly, Schumer calls a “moral duty” to help Ukraine fight “Putin’s immoral war” and urges the Senate to act quickly on the matter.

“The package is ready to use, the majority of senators on both sides want it,” Schumer said.

Regarding Paul’s objection, Schumer called Paul’s objection “reckless” and said in Paul’s remarks that he thought it was clear that he “does not want to help Ukraine.”

“What he will achieve is to solely delay the much-needed aid to Ukraine,” Schumer added.

The Senate is now 1st vote scheduled Bills for late Monday afternoons.

The bill that Paul objected to Passed by House of Representatives from 368 to 57. member of Congress US President Joe Biden’s request for $33 billion in aidAdded $7 billion to aid Ukraine in the war against Russia.

From his standpoint, Paul lowered his stand by twofold. thursday tweet.

“My oath of office is for the US Constitution and not foreign countries. Congress is reviewing the spending bill once again. I doubt no one has actually read it. And it does not include oversight of how the money is used. It doesn’t,” asserts Paul.

he later added. Tweet: “I have sympathy for the people of Ukraine and I appreciate their struggle against Putin, but we cannot continue to spend the money we do not have.”

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