Republican voters are busy talking about the replacement of Marjorie Taylor Greene as they cringe for David Perdue, who struggles ahead of the Georgia primary.

  • Marjorie Taylor Green got more attention David Purdue at the Friday night rally.
  • Attendees praised Greene’s militant attitude, but they didn’t seem to know Perdue well.

plainville, Georgia – “she always It’s attracting crowds,” said a 52-year-old Gordon County resident.

The grand entrance has pissed everyone off to show love to the candidates Trump supports ahead of the GOP primary on Tuesday. Greene joins governor candidate David Perdue, who is trying to downgrade the current governor. Brian Kempof the 30-point lead, and Attorney General’s Hope John Gordon at a Friday night rally in Greene’s congressional district.

Many attendees cheered Greene as she stepped out of the naked Humvee with campaign signs strapped to their backs. Insiders found at least a dozen people wearing Marjorie Taylor Greene campaign gear from a crowd of about 150 who gathered to add a last minute to Perdue’s closing weekend sprint.

Republican Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia talks with Crazy Acres Bar & Grill owner Jerry Stroup after parking in a parking lot for the Trump for Trump rally in Plainville, Georgia on May 20.Warren Roxas/The Insider

District resident Christie Ellis, 50, said of her affection for the new congressman, “Marjorie Taylor Greene brought us here. We’ve been supporting her since day one.” Greene regularly engages in culture wars in the Houses of Parliament, voted against almost every Ukraine-related bill adopted by Congress after Russia’s invasion of neighboring countries, and voted against the same proxy voting rule he repeatedly criticized for skipping nearly 24 votes. I used it.

Greene immediately began bolstering the support needed to overcome the five GOP preliminary contenders. She helped her crowd by posing for selfies, sips a shock-top Belgian white ale after bumping into bottles with her beer-loving guests, and her starry moms tell the kids running to see her. Greetings.

“Like Donald Trump, she speaks as she is. You don’t have to read her mind,” said Bikers for Trump founder and rally organizer Chris Cox, a big applause as he brings Greene onto the stage to say a few words. sent Cox also wrapped her in her Trump-branded vest. Green bragged about her as she posed for a picture of her on one of the motorcycles she parked in the parking lot.

She threw up her early blazer and rolled up her sleeves to hang out while jetting from Augusta to Savannah for a campaign with Sarah Palin, a 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee for House of Representatives. Perdue had previously represented the area as a senator but reintroduced himself to billiards players, tattooed cyclists with awkwardly clenched fists, and sips of soda while others churn the frosty Coors Lights. introduced.

When it was his turn on the main stage, Perdue tried to fire everyone by accusing him of “manipulated and stolen” the presidential election and how Kemp “sold us”.

Republican voters are busy talking about the replacement of Marjorie Taylor Greene as they cringe for David Perdue, who struggles ahead of the Georgia primary.
Republican nominee for governor David Perdue speaks at the Bikers for Trump campaign event at the Crazy Acres Bar & Grill in Plainville, Georgia on May 20, 2022.Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Joel Burnz, 24, was not shaken in the slightest.

After Perdue’s speech, Burnz told Insider he plans to spend “doing his homework” ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

The 52-year-old local, who refused to give his name, did not blame Purdue for his attempts. However, he adds that she is not surprised that Green stole her spotlight and loves playing games with her friends and her neighbors who care about her.

“No one knows.” Locals shrugged over the removal of five-term congressman Tom Graves’ office as a result of a political system that rewards celebrities rather than civic duty.


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