Reveal: Did Ezra Miller and Austin Butler fight in Tokyo?

Rumors of Ezra Miller and Austin Butler fighting in Japan have made headlines again on the internet.

According to TMZ, speculation cannot be far from the truth.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Did Ezra Miller and Austin Butler Argue?

Contrary to rumors circulating on the Internet, Ezra Miller and Austin Butler did not have a physical clash abroad.

Rumors surfaced on June 28 after a Twitter user claimed that Butler had beaten Miller after he had a heated argument at a Tokyo bar.

In addition, Pop Crave, a famous Twitter account, and Deusmoy, a famous gossip reporter on Instagram, also shared similar stories through their respective SNS. This added another spark to the fire.

Shortly after a supposed ‘witness’ came out, he said he saw two celebrities arguing.

A supposed onlooker said, ‘I don’t have any proof of this (my phone is broken), but I saw Austin Butler and #EzraMiller fighting here in a pub in Tokyo.’

Onlookers also claimed that the Elvis star was visiting the bar with friend and girlfriend Kaia Gerber when the Elvis star approached Miller and began a conversation.

‘After a while, Ezra started screaming,’ they added.

The official who spread the rumor claimed that they did not recognize the argument between the two because ‘the pub was noisy’.

They went on to say, ‘Ezra spoke of Austin’s visibly unhappy situation.’

Onlookers noted that the 30-year-old actor tried to beat Miller’s ‘restrained’ by two friends.

They claimed that Miller and the company were evicted after the fight before the police were called.

Sources close to Austin Butler deny the rumors.

According to sources, Austin Butler has never been to a pub in Tokyo.

They also confirmed that Butler never met the Flash star while promoting the movie in Japan. Overall, these are just unfounded gossip.

Meanwhile, Miller faces his own set of challenges.

A 29-year-old actor is known to have physically and emotionally abused two women.

One woman claimed that Miller forced her to the ground and strangled her in 2020.

In Hawaii, Miller has already been detained twice this year. In the second case, she is accused of throwing a chair at a woman.

The victim said all of this was part of the ‘jet abuse’ cycle.



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