RHOA fans criticize Kandi for disclosing information about Marlo.

On Sunday night’s all-new RHOA episode aired on Bravo, Kandi received criticism from the audience. Kandi has been criticized by the public for talking to Kenya about Marlo (and vice versa). They argued that it was not her place to talk about them publicly.

Guess who’s coming to Blue Ridge, Episode 10 of RHOA. It started with Kandi and Kenya playing with their daughters. While the kids played, she confided about Kenya and shared details about her words. She told Kenya that Marlo sometimes had problems with her nieces and had to banish them from her home.

The RHOA actress discussed Marlo’s problems after accepting her nephew, claiming that she was similar to the problem faced by one of her cousins. After hearing Marlo, Kandi couldn’t imagine telling her cousin to leave, so she started crying, she said.

Kenya worried about exacerbating the boy’s trauma, saying Marlo cares more about the boys’ feelings. Kandi confessed that she should have put her feelings aside when Marlo accepted her niece.

She called Marlo and informed Marlo that Kenya would not travel to the Blue Ridge with them when they got home. But Marlo said she didn’t seem to care about this, and she reassured her that she could go on a camping trip without Kenya.

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Fans complained about Kandi on Twitter, saying she was “dizzy” and she should have left them alone.

Kandi again shares other people’s business, but one commentator pointed out that people have trouble talking about her and her spouse.

Kandi is truly talking about Marlo, another user claimed. At this stage, they interact with each other and do things for each other. So I don’t care what Marlo has to say about Kandi. Simply put, they don’t get along.

A user commented that Kandi was messy by telling everyone about Marlo and the boys. She will, among other things, unveil YO’s business FOR YOU.

Kandi, Kandi, Kandi, another user said. Don’t give Marlo time.

Kandi is not afraid to share personal information with others.

RHOA season 14 episode 10 brings additional details about what happened this week.

Marlo decided to take some women camping at the Blue Ridge this week to help them unwind from a stressful week. Kenya informed her that she would not travel with them, but the majority of RHOA stars accepted her invitation. But Kenya surprised everyone by appearing on a picnic after the women left for dinner.

She expected this, but Marlo was perplexed. She had the impression that Marlo knew Kenya was coming, but she tried to hide it from her. It didn’t take long for their delightful journey to turn into a conflict. Kenya has her own apartment near her and she won’t be staying together at Marlo’s house, she said. But the women have admitted that Kenya wants to be with them.

The women resumed a polite but candid conversation. Kenya eventually heard from Marlo that she would love being with them. But Kenya will be grateful if she doesn’t accompany her on additional outings if she doesn’t want to. Kenya was surprised, but she made a choice.

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