Rich Dad Poor Dad Author delivers surprising economic warning and reveals full price target for Bitcoin.

Personal finance writer Robert Kiyosaki said that Americans as a whole face a future of unprecedented economic pain.

new rounding possible Kiyosaki pointed out the continuous inflation in the global market situation, lack He sees social security and health funding as a key factor that will ruin huge numbers of baby boomers.

“The biggest loser is that people never get lost. They are the ones sitting on the 401k right now. my generation. The previous generation. They are in serious trouble…

Baby boomers will be the biggest losers because they’ve been taught not to make mistakes and haven’t been defeated yet. They’ve made it so easy. When they came out in the ’70s, the stock market was taking off and the housing market was taking off. The United States broke out of the gold standard in 1971. So baby boomers will get the biggest shells of any generation. It’s really sad. You can see it coming.”

Kiyosaki said he was sensing an opportunity after Bitcoin (BTC) recently fell to levels not seen since late 2020.

Author of personal finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad say The “good news” is that earlier this week, Bitcoin has tumbled to a new 52-week low of around $26,700.

As a result, Kiyosaki said that while the flagship crypto asset could drop further to $20,000, he expects Bitcoin to see strong support at the $17,000 price level.

At that point, Kiyosaki says he plans to jump into the market in earnest.

“Bitcoin crash. good news. As mentioned in a previous tweet, I am waiting for Bitcoin to crash to $20,000. Then we wait for the floor test, which could be $17,000. When you know there is a floor, reverse the truck. Bankruptcy is the best time to get rich. How are you.”

Bitcoin is trading at $30,428 at the time of writing, which is about 55% below its November 2021 high of $69,000.

Author earlier this week said He believes that Bitcoin will prevail because the high-level officials of the US federal government consider it incompetent.

Kiyosaki said on his YouTube earlier this week: channel Besides Bitcoin, he is waiting for the price of Ethereum (ETH) to accumulate more before falling further.

“I still own quite a bit of Bitcoin and Ethereum. But I’m waiting for the price to come down before I buy more. Take different positions in both Bitcoin and Ethereum.”


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