Rick Ross’s Surprise Appearance in AEW Dynamite

After showing off his promoter skills at AEW Dynamite, Rick Ross joined a long list of hip-hop artists to enter the world of professional wrestling.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Rick Ross makes a guest appearance on AEW Dynamite.

Rick Ross appeared on Wednesday’s AEW Boston Show. He joined the crew for a part backstage.

Moreover, he had commentator Tony Schiavone call him ‘the biggest boss’.

The 46-year-old rapper joined alongside “Sneaky” Swerve Strickland as the two celebrated their first place race.

He said Strickland would eventually become the biggest wrestler in the community.

Moreover, Ross, whose real name is William Leonard Roberts II, claimed that the 32-year-old wrestler would ensure he would become ‘the greatest recording artist in the world’.

‘Today we’re keeping it positive,’ he said. I came here for only one reason. I want to make this point clear. It’s to make Swerve not only the biggest wrestler in the industry, but also the biggest recording artist in the world.’

He continued, ‘That’s why we are here. We celebrate today and that is why we are here. biggest.’

However, the duo’s interview was interrupted by Keith Lee, who accused Swer of kidnapping Billy Gunn.

Twitter Reacts To Rick Ross’ Appearance In AEW Dynamite

Fans quickly noticed Rick Ross’s manager-like skills for Shane Swerve Strickland in a short snippet of the AEW Dynamite episode.

Moreover, many users tweeted praising Ross and begging him to return with other features. Shortly after the name of the hip-hop legend began to be fashionable on multi-blogging sites.

One fan said, ‘YO LOWKEY RICK ROSS will be a great manager.’

A second user said, ‘The best part of Dynamite, Rick Ross, “Ahahaha. Eightman Tag!”

A third fan said, ‘Rick Ross needs to be hired ASAP. He was a great man in that field.’

Then another fan said, ‘Hey, Rick Ross should be a wrestling manager.’ He is completely natural. Awesome #AEWDynamite.’

Another said, ‘Rick Ross is in professional wrestling.’

Another user wrote, ‘I put Rick Ross on Dynamite every week.’

Someone else joked, ‘This guy Rick Ross is “accusing.”‘


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