Ricky Martin’s former menu also revealed that bandmate Angelo Garcia was sexually assaulted when she was 11 years old.

Former Menu also claimed that singer Angelo Garcia “was sexually assaulted several times” during her boy group activities.

Who is Angelo Garcia?

The vocal, who was only 11 years old when he joined the Latin group in 1988, claims that “predators” took advantage of him and repeatedly assaulted him while he was with the group for two years. He claimed to have been raped several times while living in Menudo, so predators took advantage of me. Angelo Garcia has detailed allegations of sexual assault that an unidentified man allegedly took place in his hotel room after drinking. In the upcoming HBO Max documentary series “Menudo: Forever Young.”

What kind of torture does Angelo Garcia face?

He is said to have stated the following: I know I’ve been in since I woke up bleeding and completely naked. “I had burn marks on the rug on my face.” I was really embarrassed and ignorant. While working with Svengali Edgardo Diaz, who was called “manager, producer, surrogate father”, other members of the group, which had 32 other members in their first 20 years, also followed, including Ricky Martin. made the same allegations. Sexual abuse, bullying, oppressive working conditions, drug scandals.

Angelo Garcia

Edgardo has always denied inappropriate conduct or abuse.

Sergio also remembered how the group was “surprised” after those around him had been exposed to drugs. We had a trip to Colombia, he recalled. Reuben and I go on a trip to the hotel together. We enter our room. Suddenly, this unknown man comes in. Then he removes what should be in about 1 kg of cocaine. We were surprised because we had no prior knowledge of this person. But the man was a producer and publicist. Edgardo has consistently denied any inappropriateness or abuse of the group’s management, but did not respond to requests for comment on the documentary allegations.



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