Robert LeCompte was allegedly murdered early on Christmas morning in 2009 by a friend named Jorell Young.

One of the infamous murders of Louisiana man Robert LeComte in 2009 reappears in Oxygen’s Morning Murders. This murder has long been the talk of the town when it happened. Oxygen’s drama is likely to reveal a lot about the infamous murder.

Read ahead to learn more about Robert LeCompte and his infamous murder.

Robert LeCompte’s infamous murder

Robert LeCompte was a gay bartender and manager of a drama club. Although he is loved by everyone at work. His fate made him fall for someone’s hatred. Yes, on Christmas Eve 2009, Robert died of it.

His body was found on the dance floor of the theater club where he worked. Soaked in his own blood, he was lifeless in the early hours of Christmas 2009. However, it caused a lot of rumors later when the police found his body. Eventually, his murder suspect was found and committed the crime.

Who is the suspect in the Robert LeCompte murder?

After the murder of Robert LeCompte. The police were busy trying to find the culprit. Investigation revealed that Jorell Young was the suspect in the murder of LeCompte. Young had previously worked in a drama club and knew LeCompte very well.

One of the key witnesses in this murder turned out to be Darcus Baker. Baker was Young’s ex-girlfriend. She was the one who claimed that Young had agreed to return home after LeCompte was murdered. Meanwhile, Baker claims that Young gave him a bag with bloodstains on his Drama Club T-shirt. Thanks to all these witnesses, Young was finally sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Le Comte.

Oxygen’s Murdered By Morning sets fire to LeCompte murders

This infamous murder of bartender LeCompte was everywhere in the headlines. The popular drama ‘Oxygen’, titled ‘Murder in the Morning’, deals with the Le Comte murder case in June.

Also, the Murdered By Morning drama arrives in Oxygen on June 11th at 8:00 PM EST. To illuminate the infamous murder of the drama club Robert LeComte’s bartender.

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