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Robert Longstreet is an actor and producer. He is very famous for playing Horace Dudley on the Netflix horror show, appearing in films such as Midnight Mass (2021), Halloween Kills (2021) and The Haunting of Hill House (2018). Also, in the movie Halloween Kills, Robert Longstreet is cast as Lonnie Elam, the father of Cameron’s best friend who bullied Tommy Doyle as a child in 1978 but now.

He was recognized as editor of the film Ding-a-ling-Less and as producer of Rat Pack Rat. He is also not active on social media platforms such as Instagram and others. Gather all important information about the actor, Robert Longstreet biography, height, girlfriend, net worth, wiki.

robert longstreet height

  • How tall is Jed Barker? He is 5 feet 8 inches tall.
  • His weight is about 73 kg.
  • He has blonde hair and light brown eyes.

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Robert Longstreet Wiki, biography

real name Robert Longstreet
age 47 years old (as of 2022)
birthday July 15, 1975
ethnicity mix
key 5 feet 8 inches
weight 73 kg
measurement 45-34-42 inches
forearm size 24 inches
ma’am Single
unharmed married
net worth 3 million dollars

Robert Longstreet net worth

  • His main source of income is acting.
  • His net worth is estimated at $3 million in 2022.

Some Facts About Robert Longstreet

  • Robert Longstreet starred in the movie Halloween Kills in 1978 as Cameron’s father, Lonnie Elam, who bullied Tommy Doyle as a child.
  • Halloween Kills is also a 2021 American slasher film directed by David Gordon Green and written by Green, Danny McBride and Scott Teems.
  • The film is the sequel to the 2018 Halloween and the 12th installment in the Halloween franchise.
  • Starting exactly where the previous movie ended, the film sees Strode and her family continue to defeat Myers, this time with the help of the Haddonfield community.

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