Robert Williams Injury Update: The Celtics Big Man has been upgraded to a dubious player in Game 7 vs. the Bucks.

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With the Boston Celtics gearing up to host the Milwaukee Bucks for Game 7 on Sunday, there is a chance they will get back the officially dubious tycoon Robert Williams III. Williams, who missed the last three games of the series against the Bucks, has suffered from left knee pain, but Boston has Upgraded him to Suspicious. For a showdown on a Sunday afternoon.

Williams suffered a knee injury in Game 3 when he collided with Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, and a knee scan revealed no structural damage. This is the same knee that Williams had for a month after undergoing surgery in March after torn his meniscus. However, Celtics manager Ime Udoka was convinced the injury was not due to surgery.

“He scanned his knee and everything is structurally good.” Udoka said before Game 6 on Friday.. “It looks fine. The swelling has subsided but there is still some pain and aches. In the 3rd game he revealed that he had a small bone bruise from the collision. Structurally he is fine from the surgery. That’s just where the swelling and pain started. is. .”

That doesn’t mean Williams can be a good fit, but it does mean essentially a 50-50 chance, which is a good sign for the Celtics. The availability of Williams will help secure a bigger Boston squad to compete against Giannis Antetokounmpo, who recorded an overwhelming series against Boston. During Williams’ absence, Grant Williams intervened to fill his place and did a great job defensively to make the situation a little more difficult for Giannis.

If Robert Williams is healthy, it will be interesting to see what Udoka does in the rotation. Because Grant Williams could help protect the rim, but he was the more versatile defender in this series. Picking a player who missed five of Boston’s 10 playoff games ahead of the season could also be risky. But if he’s healthy, no matter how Williams is used, having him available is better than nothing. And the Celtics need to work to make sure all healthy players have a good time with Milwaukee on a Sunday afternoon.

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