Roy Wood Jr. will replace Trevor Noah, who has stepped down from The Daily Show.

Roy Wood Jr. emerged as the next nominee for Comedy Central’s Daily Show after Trevor Noah announced his resignation after seven years in office.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Roy Wood Jr. could be the new host of The Daily Show.

According to several sources, Comedy Central’s executives are considering Roy Wood Jr. as a potential host for The Daily Show.

Roy joined the series in 2015 and over time has become one of the most recognizable face faces of the show in the industry. He is also considered one of the main correspondents of the network.

Photo: Comedy Central

So, officials at Comedy Central claim that Roy is perfect for promotion to the series host.

An insider also told TMZ that Roy’s contract with the network will end soon. Executives are also concerned that he will also leave the network due to the demand for a stand-up circuit.

They believe that promoting Roy to host is the best way to stay connected to the broadcast channel.

Meanwhile, Roy has recently gained more recognition through works such as Confess and Fetch.

Trevor Noah to leave Daily Show after 7 years

Trevor Noah attended The Daily Show on Thursday evening to announce his departure to the audience. He also spoke about his plans.

Noah said, ‘I loved running this program. It was one of my biggest challenges. It was one of my greatest joys. I loved finding ways to make people laugh even on the worst days of the story, even when the story was particularly bad.’

Fans react to Trevor Noah’s departure

Fans expressed their feelings about Trevor Noah’s sudden departure through social media.

One fan cheered, saying, ‘The daily show contains 7 years of wit, humor, great emotion, empathy, and inspiration’.

A third fan said, ‘Trevor Noah has announced that he is leaving the Daily Show after 7 years. unbelievable human. I can’t wait to see what big things he can do next.’

Meanwhile, Bill Gates also shared his thoughts on Twitter.

He said, ‘Congratulations on @Trevornoah’s amazing run. I always enjoy funny conversations and especially liked playing tennis with you in Cape Town. I know you’re just getting started and I’m excited to see what you’ll do next.’


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