Rumor: Is Dancehall Artist Spice in a coma? Explanation

Health-related rumors spread that dance hall artist Spice was in a coma, causing everyone to worry. Well, it happened recently when news broke that Spice was in a coma and everyone who cared about her wanted to know if the news was true or not. Some reports on the Internet are concerned about her. So, how is Spice doing?

Read ahead to learn more about the rumors that dancehall artist Spice is in a coma.

Dancehall artist Spice is rumored to be in a coma

There have been too many rumors in the past that someone’s absence on social media has been rumored to be in poor health. Again, rumors circulated that dance hall artist Spice was ill. One of her recent rumors about her is that Spice is in a coma.

Spice, whose real name is Grace Latoya Hamilton, has been away from social media for a while. But that’s not why everyone believed she was in her coma. She told everyone on Instagram that someday Spice will take a break from her social media.

Was Spice really in a coma?

Recently, Secretary Marion Hall has been active online with a Facebook Live session. Where she prayed for her Spice’s well-being. The news came through the Jamaican Observer. Since then, fans have been concerned about Spice’s health. However, Spice herself has not made any statements about her health so far.

According to a report by Dancehall Magazine, Ray Alexander, agent Spice, has denied rumors that Spice is in a coma. In one of his statements, Ray said, β€œSpice did not have a heart attack and is not in a coma. It’s all lies.” Plus, his absence from social media would have convinced everyone that Spice was in a coma.

Fans pray for dancehall artist Spice.

Spice has not released an official statement about her health. Her fans are worried as rumors spread that she is in a coma. Moreover, they thought that Spice might be ill, so they prayed for him.

But fans are eagerly awaiting a response to her well-being from Spice or her team. Spice took a break from her social media after she felt she was the target of her click bait and her influence.

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