Russia claims to have sent 200,000 tons of fertilizer to India in May

India, the world’s second largest fertilizer importer received Russia’s state-run TASS news agency reported on Tuesday that Russia had supplied about 200,000 tonnes of fertilizer in the month of May.

New Delhi imports “About 182,000 tons [200,620 tons]According to the TASS report of May 24, agricultural fertilizers were supplied in Moscow during the first three weeks of May.

that much time in india report On May 23, the Indian government announced that it was developing a “barter” system with the Russian government so that New Delhi could continue to receive adequate fertilizer shipments from Moscow. Full-scale financial sanctions against Russian companies have severely curbed Russian exports in recent weeks. White House ~ led Advance Campaign to financially punish Russia through sanctions in response to the recent war with Ukraine launch February 24th.

The Federal Government of India is “working to establish a mechanism for calculating fertilizer costs in rupees. [Indian currency] And in return, merchants can export Indian items of similar value to Russia,” said an anonymous Indian government source. time in india On Monday.

“[T]His mechanism is possible because fertilizer is not a banned item. [under the new anti-Russia sanctions] And during this month, three ships carrying soil nutrients from Russia landed in India. Russia imports items from India, including tea, medicines, and basmati and non-basmati rice.

“We are confident that traders will get more fertilizer from Russia under this agreement to meet our requirements,” said an unnamed Indian government official. time in india.

“Similar rupee-ruble trading agreements have previously been made to settle dues in rupees instead of dollars or euros. The idea was first conceived under the 1953 Indo-Soviet trade agreement,” the newspaper recalled.

According to TASS news agency, India has received nearly 400,000 tonnes of fertilizer from Russia since Moscow started a territorial dispute with Kyiv on February 24.

The Indian government is said to have reassured farmers that there will be no shortage of fertilizer during the Carife period. [upcoming fall harvest] “There will be no additional financial burden in the face of international price fluctuations,” he said. time in india Reported on May 23rd.

India ranks second in the world. importer Russia ranks first in the world for fertilizer after China. exporter of fertilizer. New Delhi purchases several types of fertilizers from overseas markets, including urea, dibasic phosphate, potassium chloride, nitrogen, phosphate and potassium.

TASS boasted on Tuesday that “India’s potassium demand is fully met by imports from Russia and Belarus.”

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