Russia cuts energy supply to Finland as Russian president tells Putin he plans to bid for NATO: A report

  • Finland’s president said Saturday that the state plans to apply for membership in the Kremlin. NATO.
  • from the country’s power supply Russia hung up on saturday.

Russian energy supplier RAO Nordic Oy stops supplying energy to: Finland As the country announced plans to apply for NATO membership in the next few days, AFP reported

“It’s currently zero and started at midnight as planned,” Timo Kaukonen, operational planning manager for Finnish transmission system operator Fingrid, told AFP on Saturday.

Finnish President Sauli Ninisto said he had spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone and announced plans to apply for NATO membership within a few days.

Earlier this week, Kremlin spokeswoman Dmitry Peskov said: CNN Finland’s joining NATO would be a threat to Russia.

“As I said many times before, NATO extensions do not make the world more stable and secure,” Peskov said.

Niinisto said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and efforts by countries to prevent accession to NATO “changed the security landscape in Finland”.

by itself press releaseRAO Nordic OY said the energy cut was due to missing payments.

“Unfortunately, for volumes sold on Nord Pool exchange after 6 days,One May funds have not yet been deposited into our bank account. This situation is exceptional, and for the first time in more than 20 years of trading history,” the supplier said.

Finland gets about 10% of its energy from Russia and is filling the gap by importing oil from Sweden, AFP reported.


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