Russia moves to prevent foreigners from using surrogacy services

  • Russia has introduced a bill to ban foreigners from using Russian surrogacy.
  • The bill’s co-authors say these measures are necessary to protect children born in the country.
  • Critics feared that paid surrogacy could exploit vulnerable people.

Russia has introduced a bill banning foreigners from using Russian surrogacy to end the critics’ practice of commercializing childbirth.

According to Reuters, In Russia, where paid surrogacy is legal, the bill was passed “almost unanimously” after the first reading on Tuesday. The bill will have to go through two additional readings before it is reviewed by the Russian Senate and signed into law.

One of the bill’s co-authors said the new law was needed to protect children born in the country, according to Reuters.

Rep. Vasily Fiskaryov of the ruling Russian Union Party said it was difficult to track where babies born to surrogates go after birth.

“We don’t know who their parents are, the so-called ‘mother’ and ‘dad’, and why they buy babies,” he said.

Piskaryov added that about 40,000 babies born to Russian surrogates were raised by foreign parents.

“Why should we use our money to solve the population problems of other countries?” He called for automatic citizenship to all babies born in Russia.

Paid surrogacy is only legal in some regions, including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and some US states. Guardian Party — And the practice was not controversial.

Critics argue that in addition to the welfare of surrogate children, exploitation of the most vulnerable.

In 2020, more than 1,000 babies born to surrogates for foreign families in Russia were stranded in Russia after borders were closed to contain the spread of COVID-19. reported by the Guardian. Nearly 100 babies born that year were also stranded in Ukraine for similar reasons.

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