Russian agent tried to enlist in Ukrainian military, arrested for disrupting activity

key point

  • Russian agents were detained in the Zhytomyr district.
  • The agent advised the Russian army where to place equipment for covert operations.
  • Ukrainian security forces also detained four other Russian agents.

A Russian man trying to infiltrate the Ukrainian military has been arrested by Ukrainian officials, Ukrainian officials said on Sunday.

An unidentified Russian agent was detained in Zhitomir while trying to enlist in a combat unit of the Ukrainian army. The man planned to sabotage Ukrainian forces to help Russia win the war, the Ukrainian security service said in a report.

Authorities also said the man gave Russians access to information about the deployment of Ukrainian troops and the best locations to deploy military equipment for covert operations while occupying temporary settlements.

The agent later volunteered to enlist in the Ukrainian army after the occupation of the settlement ended. However, his plans were discovered by authorities detaining him on charges of committing a crime. He is currently detained in Ukraine.

Authorities also detained residents of the Kramatorsk region of the Donetsk region. This agent was recruited by Russians to gather information about the movements of the Ukrainian army, including sending soldiers’ locations via Telegram.

Kyiv hospital officials, including three other officials who worked with Russian forces during the Ukraine war, urged medical staff to support the invading forces.

The Security Agency’s report came as the war entered its fourth month. Ukraine’s military has killed at least 29,500 Russians and shot down 1,285 Russian tanks since Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the invasion began on February 24, Ukraine’s defense ministry said.

It is unclear how many Russian troops remain in Ukraine. In addition to the dead, many soldiers fled or announced plans to escape the war. Some Russian soldiers have deliberately destroyed equipment, including tanks, to avoid fighting in war.

In contrast, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Saturday that he had increased the number of soldiers fighting Russian forces from 250,000 to 700,000.

“If we had added 100,000 soldiers, we wouldn’t have been able to stop Russia,” Zelensky said. said While appearing on Ukrainian television stations. “Now we have 700,000. So what you see is the result of the efforts of 700,000 people fighting and defending our territory.”

A warehouse in the Odessa region of southern Ukraine, photographed on May 22, 2022, was destroyed by Russian shelling. Photo: AFP / Genya SAVILOV

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