Russian navy ship ‘burned’ in the Black Sea

From Neutral to NATO: Finland Announces Proposal to Join Alliance

Ukrainian forces allegedly burned a Russian naval warship in the Black Sea.

The reported airstrike took place near Snake Island, which became famous at the beginning of the war when Ukrainian soldiers stationed there told a Russian warship “fuck yourself”.

The allegations against Vsevolod Bobrov were made by Serhiy Braatchuk, spokesman for the Odesa Regional Military Administration. independent The report cannot be independently verified.

These developments came after the Kremlin threatened to take “retaliatory action” if Finland joined NATO.

“As a NATO member, Finland will strengthen the entire defense alliance,” President Sauli Niinisto and Prime Minister Sanna Marin said in a joint statement.

“Finland should apply for NATO membership without delay. We hope that the national action still necessary to make this decision will be taken expeditiously in the next few days,” he added.


UNICEF: Nearly 100 children died in Ukraine last month

UNICEF said nearly 100 children had died in Ukraine in April alone.

But the actual number will be much higher.

UNICEF Secretary-General Omar Abdi said at a UN Security Council meeting:

“It has been exactly one month since Unicep’s last report to this committee on the situation in Ukraine. Day by day more and more Ukrainian children are exposed to the horrors of this war.

“Last month, the United Nations confirmed that nearly 100 children had died, and I think the actual figure is likely to be much higher.

“More children were injured, severely violated and millions more refugees. Schools continue to be attacked, used for military purposes, and water and sanitation infrastructure affected. The war in Ukraine, like all wars, is a child protection and child rights crisis.”

Rory SullivanMay 12, 2022 20:50


Damage to Russian naval ships in the Black Sea, Ukraine

Ukrainian forces have burned a Russian naval warship in the Black Sea, military authorities in Odessa said.

Serhiy Bratchuk claimed that Vsevolod Bobrov had been attacked near Snake Island, but did not provide further details.

independent Claims cannot be independently verified.

Rory SullivanMay 12, 2022 20:22


EU and Ukraine to discuss application

France said the EU would consider Ukraine’s intention to join the EU in discussions next month.

According to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kyiv’s membership application is currently being considered by the European Commission.

Rory SullivanMay 12, 2022 20:00


Voice: Whatever happens next, Putin’s epitaph is already on record – killer, monster, maniac

Natalia L. Yakovenko, a professor at the Institute of International Relations at the Taras Shevchenko State University in Kyiv, wrote that Vladimir Putin was a historical thought.

Read her full article here.

Rory SullivanMay 12, 2022 19:35


US politicians urge social media giants to keep evidence of Russian war crimes

Four Democrat politicians urged social media giants to keep content that could be used as evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

Carolyn Maloney and Gregory Meeks, chairman of the House Oversight and Foreign Affairs Committee, were among the members of the House of Representatives who wrote letters to lawmakers who are the chief executives of YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and Meta. NBC.

Rory SullivanMay 12, 2022 19:12


Zelensky stamps sold out ‘in an hour’ in Poland.

A limited number of postage stamps featuring the portrait of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky sold out in Poland within an hour, according to the Ukrainian Post Office.

He added that nine stamps sold for $1,200 (£985) a pack.

Rory SullivanMay 12, 2022 18:50


The EU plans to help Ukraine export wheat by rail and road.

The European Union (EU) has offered to help Ukraine export wheat by land while Russia is blocking the main port of Odessa.

The Kremlin invasion threatened the world’s food supply, as Russia and Ukraine are the largest exporters of commodities, including wheat and barley. Block acknowledged that the scale of the challenge was great. “With EU infrastructure, 20 million tonnes of grain would have to leave Ukraine within three months,” said Adina Valean, Transport Commissioner for Bloc.

“This is a huge challenge. It is therefore essential to coordinate and optimize the logistics chain, lay out new routes and avoid bottlenecks as much as possible.”

Rory SullivanMay 12, 2022 18:24


Ukraine’s Eurovision entry tries to ‘elevate the spirit’ of the country

Ukraine’s participation in Eurovision hopes to “elevate the spirit” of Ukraine this Saturday in the Italian city of Turin.

The Kalush Orchestra, which will perform the song “Stefania”, a fusion of rap and traditional Ukrainian folklore, is a contender to win the competition.

Oleh Psiuk, the group’s lead singer, said: me.”

“We are here to showcase Ukrainian culture because there are attempts to annihilate Ukrainian culture these days,” he added.

Rory SullivanMay 12, 2022 18:00


Ukrainian war in pictures

In some of the latest photos from Ukraine, an old woman grieves after a missile hit a settlement in the Zaporizhzhia region.

A woman mourns at her husband’s funeral in the Lviv region of Ukraine on May 12, 2022.


Another Ukrainian woman cries at home after missiles hit the settlement of Komyshvaka in Zaporizia province.

(Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Destroyed house in Pylypchatyne, eastern Ukraine

(AFP via Getty Images)

Rory SullivanMay 12, 2022 17:37


France, Finland support NATO membership proposal

France fully supports Finland’s ambitions to join NATO, French President Emmanuel Macron told Finland’s president.

This comes after Finnish leaders said on Thursday that they wanted Finland to join the alliance “without delay”.

Rory SullivanMay 12, 2022 17:17

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