Russian soldiers tired of ‘old nut job’ Putin who disappeared after bizarre ‘trial’

A Russian soldier sent to Ukraine to obey President Vladimir Putin’s orders was caught calling the Russian leader an “old man” and talking rubbish about his war, while others say that the Kremlin’s military leadership has disloyalized troops. They say they sent a ruthless general to deploy.

Ukrainian intelligence, which released two recordings on Thursday, said it had eavesdropped on phone calls that caught the rapidly escalating morale of Russian soldiers.

at first recordingA young man identified only as a Russian soldier is heard angry with his girlfriend over Putin’s speech during the Victory Day parade on May 9, shared by the main intelligence service of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry.

A friend of Putin called Putin’s speech “rough” and said “after the parade” that Putin “trembled all day.”

“What do you want, he’s an old bastard,” he said mockingly.

The two men shake off a list of territories Russia would probably try to seize, and when they arrive in Belarus (the woman said she’d be happy to join Russia “as Putin needs it”), the man said, “Let them fucking join.” said Already, what the hell does it mean for us to rap alone here?”

In the final farewell scene after his friend said Putin would not want to share his “victory” in Ukraine, the soldier said, “Yeah, we expressed ‘victory’ as if we weren’t screwed enough here.”

Ukrainian authorities did not disclose where the alleged soldier was based, but the contempt heard in his poignant remarks was echoed by other armies in a number of other recently intercepted radio traffic.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to have been referred to as an “old idiot” according to an eavesdropping phone call.


Perhaps that’s why Russia’s military leadership is said to have sent generals with a brutal reputation to attract soldiers.

“Well, Muradov arrived and set up a trial tribunal,” a Russian soldier, known, told a friend that this was another incident the Ukrainian security service told him. eavesdropping phone conversation between the military.

Although the name of the general is not given in the transcript, they appear to refer to Rustam Muradov, a lieutenant-general and deputy commander of the Confederacy, known for leading fierce battles in Syria. Muradov was also personally sanctioned by the European Union in connection with Russia’s war against Ukraine.

According to the recorded Unknown Soldier, Muradov was sent to crack down on his troops “because nobody wanted to go on”.

“The commanders did not want to lead their boys to death. They just weren’t ready for it. so yesterday [Muradov] To give an example, they kicked out the commanders, undressed, had everything taken out of their pockets, and tied their hands. then they [buses] And I took them,” he said.

Ukrainian sources did not provide further details on when the eavesdropping conversation took place or which unit the soldier belonged to.

Accounts of exhausted, demoralized soldiers have grown exponentially since Putin launched “special military operations” in late February, with soldiers routinely complaining of equipment glitches and lack of leadership.

Said one of the Russian troops sent to Ukraine at the beginning of the invasion. BBC Russian service He and others were deceived by the military leadership into believing that they were only participating in military training that the military claimed in common.

In an interview published on Thursday, Sergei Bokov said he was sent to a field camp along the Ukrainian border in early February in the name of participating in training.

“They said let the family know that we are participating in the ‘Allied-Resolve 2022’ training. They even came up with a name for the training. However, there was no large-scale training. They fooled us beautifully, and they fooled us.”

After fighting for more than a month in the Kyiv and Chernikhov regions, he said that he and several of his troops had deliberately violated military rules and refused to engage in further wars.

“They didn’t even try to talk to us. [quitting]Because we weren’t the first.”


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