Russian Tank Gets Obliterated In Crazy Viral Video

A Russian tank caught fire in a video of an online round.

In a video tweeted by Rob Lee, a Ukrainian drone dropped a bomb on a Russian tank and it was definitely a bad time for anyone who might have been inside! (Related: David Hookstead that much True King Inn that much North for college football)

You can watch the crazy video below.

As I said many times, I can watch these videos all day without getting bored. It is true. It was amazing to watch the Russians face fierce resistance.

It shows that you never know what will happen in war.

People expected the Ukrainians to succumb to Putin’s army in one day when the war started. Well, not only did that not happen, the Ukrainians managed to survive and fought against the Russians like rabies.

In short, it’s very inspiring.

May the Ukrainians continue to bring hell to the Russians for as long as possible!

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