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stage name:
same as real name

Sam Horsefield Age:

25 years 9 months 28 days 5 hours 8 minutes 22 seconds.
9432 Total days.

Sam Horsefield Biography overview:

non-cooperativeism, golfer, Sam Horsfield with date of birth October 8, 1996 (birthday) and born In ~ uk. Sam Horsefield His age is 25 years, 9 months and 28 days (actual). his family uk. Wikinbio ranking Sam Horsefield #8012, (World Ranking) is based on popularity and occupation. His marital status is not certain, his birthmark is British. He completed school and other education in England.

Sam Horsfield is an English professional golfer. Sam Horsfield competes on the European tour. He is famous for winning two European Tour competitions.

name Sam Horsefield
gender male
job golfer
birthday Tuesday, October 8, 1996
hometown uk
nationality What you still need to know
date of death
cause of death
age of death
death timeline – Not applicable

Sam Horsfield’s Birthday, Place, Country and Age Zodiac Signs:

birthday – October 8, 1996
place of birth – uk
Sam Horsfield’s age (actual) – 25 years 9 months 28 days
day of birth – Tuesday
date of birth – 1996
zodiac sign – Leo
duality signature – assertive
signature form – fixed air
Opposite sign – Leo
caste not updated yet
– Uncertain
mother tongue – english
known language – German, Spanish

Sam Horsfield’s wife, girlfriend, children, parents, personal life and more

Marital Status not sure
current relationship status not disclosed
parents – Tony Horsfield (Dad), Sue Horsfield (Mom)
girl friend Caitlyn Lawson
wife Wife: I don’t know.
Children/Children no update
wedding date – Not applicable
wedding place – Not yet updated
marriage type – What you still need to know

Family information with photos:

mother : Tony Horsefield
father : Sue Horsefield



wife: not sure
Children: no update

Sam Horsfield’s girlfriend:

  1. Caitlyn Lawson
  2. not yet released (collapse)

Career and Education Details:

school – What you still need to know
university What you still need to know
University What you still need to know
Education – University of Florida
current job – golfer

Sam Horsfield’s Facts, Favorites, Wealth, Net Worth, Cars & Bikes Collection:

Here in the Facts and Assets section you can get details such as the golfer’s height, weight and body measurements. Sam Horsefield‘s Finances, assets, net worth, cars, investments, salaries, other income, motorcycles and other interesting things about them.

physical Traits and Appearance:

body measurements Bust: 44 inches
_x000D_Waist: 32 inches
_x000D_Biceps: 14 inches
face shape square/pear/circle
skin tone fair
key 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters) (approx)
weight kilogram- 85 kg
pound- 187 pounds
form middle
Shoe size USA (8-11)
eye color Brown
hair color dark brown


  • Sam Horsfield was born and raised in England. His birth sign is Leo and his marriage match sign is uncertain. Popular as a golfer in his hometown.
  • His lucky stone is amethyst and 6 is his lucky number.
  • Currently he is not revealed due to his relationship status.
  • He used to make money as a very popular golfer in England. Turquoise is his lucky color.
  • We ranked him #8012 based on his popularity among other experts.
  • Sam Horsfield, contact information and address are listed below. If you have more information on that, please send mail to solvepapers2020(at)gmail(dot)com.

Financial Status:

Income / Occupation – golfer
salary – not sure
Sam Horsfield net worth – 1.8 million (approx.)
car collection – Lexus S
motorcycle collection – Moto Guzzi V85 Tt
Housing/Real Estate/Flat Holdings – Not yet updated
Loan/mortgage – Details not yet known
Health and Life Insurance/Billing
– What you still need to know
Family Attorney/Lawyer – No such
Family doctor/hospital – No such
Physician treatment so far – can not use
deal – doesn’t exist
stock market – not sure
Website hosting/hosting? no
Acting Degree/Class No details yet
Credit card? in a few banks
Have you been to a rehab center? not sure
donate so far not updated yet

Sam Horsfield’s Favorites:

hobby – What you still need to know
favorite tea – Not yet updated
Favorite bike/motorcycle – Not yet updated
favorite actor – What you still need to know
favorite actress – What you still need to know
favorite tourist destination – not sure
favorite color Not applicable
Favorite software – No favorite software programs and apps ever
Favorite game/sport – Billiards
Favorite food/drink – Not yet updated
favorite outfit – Casual, Jeans T-shirts, Suits, Shirts & Pants


doesn’t exist

Contacts, addresses, social media hooks, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Sam Horsefield:

does he smoke? not sure
does he drink alcohol? not sure
What is his net worth? 1.8 million (approximately)
How tall is Sam Horsefield? 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters) (approx)
What is his weight? kilogram- 85 kg
pound- 187 poundsapproximately
What is his body measurement? Bust: 44 inches
_x000D_Waist: 32 inches
_x000D_Biceps: 14 inches (BHW) (approx.)
What is Sam Horsfield’s relationship or marital status? not sure
Where does he live now? not sure
What is his nationality? not updated yet
Where was Sam Horsfield born? uk
What is he currently doing? don’t know yet
What is his favorite movie? I do not know
How many children does he have? I do not know
Sam Horsfield, is he alive or dead? – he’s alive
What country does he belong to? – uk
Why is he a celebrity? Sam Horsfield is known as a golfer.


Film/TV/Web Series/Serial Experience:

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