Santi Millan reacts to leaked video news.

The privacy of Spanish actor Santi Millan has been invaded. A video claiming that his private life was leaked went viral on the Internet. It’s not new that leaked videos are going viral, especially if a famous person is involved. However, Santi has had her own reaction to the viral video. His wife also stepped forward and made her point.

Read ahead to learn more about Santi Millan’s intimate leaked video that is going viral on the internet.

A sneaky leaked video of Santi Millan is a hot topic.

This isn’t the first time a covert leak of a celebrity has surfaced. As there have been many such cases before. But recently, Spanish actor Santi Milan has been attracted. On June 19, a video leaking Milan’s private life went viral on the Internet.

What Internet users couldn’t stop talking about was Millan’s partner in the video. Netizens said the video was not taken by Milan with his wife. He was rather someone else with him. However, Millan did not say that the leaked video was his.

Santi Millan’s reaction to an intimate leaked video

Millan did not admit that the intimate leaked video circulating on the Internet belonged to him. However, he said leaking the video is a criminal offense. But he didn’t make any comments about the footage other than that. Therefore, it is still unknown whether the video is from Millan.

It should not be forgotten that Millan was a popular Spanish actor who was initially part of the Spanish theater La Cubana. He even worked on the TV series Periodistas. Although there were many other projects of his.

Milan’s wife Reactions to secretly leaked viral videos

Santi Millan’s wife Rosa Olucha has also stepped forward to support her husband after the video leaked. In fact, she shares a few photos on her own Instagram, even saying that her husband is the victim. She also said her husband Millan faced an invasion of her privacy.

Olucha also agreed that it was wrong to attack Milan’s private life and that the person who leaked the video was guilty of the crime. But she didn’t even reveal whether the video belonged to her husband or not.

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