Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams date history as the couple tie the knot.

How did Modern Family star Sarah Hyland and Bachelor of Paradise first meet, though Wells Adams finally got married after three years of devotion? Sarah Hyland Wells Adams has taken quite a while in the past, but she has had to push her wedding plans due to the Covid pandemic. The celebrity and her then-boyfriend even took false photos in August 2020 on a day that was initially expected to be a stumbling block.

Celebrities, 31, Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams, 38, got married in a private wedding in a California vineyard on Saturday, August 20, 2022. The beloved couple joined Sarah’s Hyland’s former Modern Family on an important day. Co-starring including Sofia Vergara and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

The celebrity and her reality star spouse haven’t shared the eagerly awaited photo to fans yet. While wishes for the parakeet were pouring in, the couple couldn’t hesitate to enter a new period in their lives. A few days ago, on August 8, Sarah Hyland posted a black and white photo of her with Wells Adams, where she wore a white dress and wrote in her subtitle “Two years of marriage bliss.” I love you back with Pluto. Let’s formalize it first.

How did modern family stars Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams meet?

The romantic story of a celebrity and her cherished partner is as modern as her characters and the story curves in her hit shows. A few months after they started dating in 2017, it was revealed that Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams met via Instagram.

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Remembering their first virtual experience, she told Jimmy Kimmel: Have you ever seen an image of ‘Slide Into DMs’? that. He slipped on my DM. I thought he was funny and he was a fan of my show. I saw him as the bartender and said, ‘How lovely!

By moving together in 2018, they made important choices in their relationship: The two became engaged during a trip to the tropics in July 2019 after dating for nearly two years.

Sarah and Wells Dating Timeline

In 2016, Wells Adams appeared in JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette as the ultimate goal to win her heart. Despite the fact that he and Fletcher didn’t match, his spell on the show caught the eyes of Modern Family entertainers. Sarah Hyland, a longtime fan of the ABC founding, tweeted her crush on Wells Adams a few times as the season unfolded. After exchanging a few shy tweets, Wells Adams sent Sarah a DM asking her to go buy her tacos.

The couple have been together from that point on and have delivered many glamorous moments to their fans over the years. We like to joke that we are similar when we first start dating. [that] Sarah told PeopleTV in a 2019 interview. It’s just that we most definitely wanted to meet her best friend from a previous life. In July 2019, Wells Adams knelt down on one of his knees and asked Sarah Hyland to marry her. After delaying their wedding due to the pandemic, the couple finally got married after more than three years of engagement.

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