Sarah Michelle Gellar Appears in Executive Producer Teen Wolf Spinoff Wolf Pack

Sarah Michelle Gellar swaps vampires and werewolves by joining the world of Teen Wolf in the spinoff show Wolf Pack.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in Teen Wolf’s spin-off Wolf Pack.

The Teen Wolf universe is ready to have several new chapters with the upcoming Teen Wolf: Movie and spinoff series Wolf Pack.

But Sarah Michelle Gellar surprised everyone by appearing on the Teen Wolf panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday.

Also, the ‘Buffy Vampire Slayer’ graduate shared that she joined the Teen Wolf expansion universe.

It was also revealed that she would appear in Teen Wolf’s spin-off series, Wolf Pack.

The 45-year-old actress will return to the supernatural realm and appear as an arson investigator named Christine Ramsay.

According to People Magazine, Gellar’s characters are experts in their respective fields and are ‘no strangers to personal losses.’

What’s more, she was called by authorities to track down ‘the teenage arsonist who started a massive wildfire that may have reawakened the supernatural predators that terrorize Los Angeles’.

The Wolf Pack is based on the book of the same name by Edo Van Belkom. You will follow the story of two teenagers who find their theme amid a wildfire that awakens a supernatural beast.

Armani Jackson (Everett) and Bella Shepard (Blake) appear as the main characters. With Chloe Rose Robertson (Luna) and Tyler Lawrence Gray (Harlan).

Sarah Michelle Gellar
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Sarah Michelle Gellar becomes Executive Producer of the Wolf Pack.

Sarah Michelle Gellar shared another interesting announcement at Comic-Con this week.

Gellar will also serve as Executive Producer for the Wolf Pack. Also, Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis will return as the writer of the show.

Davis ‘everyone knows that the Buffy Vampire Slayer had a huge impact on Teen Wolf.’

The 47-year-old producer added: ‘So I always thought if I could bring Sarah Michelle Gellar back to the horror show, she’d be awesome.’

The actress said, ‘Everything these guys have said about the family and Jeff’s show vibe is so true. We hope you will join us!’

During Comic-Con, they joined the original Teen Wolf stars Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin. They will be featured in Teen Wolf: Movie, which is due out this year on Parmount+.



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