Sarah Silverman thinks it’s unusual for Donald Trump to return to Twitter.

Comedian Sarah Silverman has a very interesting view on whether Donald Trump should be allowed back on Twitter.

Her insight was everything whether George Washington and other founders predicted it or not.

The comedian recently worked with The View in New York City. She attended an interview on Wednesday morning, providing insight into Elon Musk’s idea to bring the former US president back to the new app. Still, she gave a fairly nuanced answer.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Sarah Silverman’s Unique Acquisition of Donald Trump’s Return to Twitter Rumors

Sarah Silverman told View she initially felt relieved that Donald Trump was kicked off Twitter last year.

She went on to say that later she started thinking philosophically about what freedom of expression meant. She said freedom of expression also means tolerating hateful language you don’t agree with.

Silverman adds that Trump, who thinks in that light, should be allowed back on social media platforms. But if she thinks more deeply, she believes that blocking the 75-year-old politician from Twitter may be in the best long term.

Trump supporters were banned from Twitter and several other online websites on January 6, 2021, after supporters outraged his tweets attacked the Capitol building. Election fraud attacks were also suspected as his tactics to prevent Joe Biden from becoming a winner. in the US presidential election.

Twitter’s new owners have said they will lift the Twitter ban on the politician after closing a $44 billion Twitter deal.

The gist of Silverman’s argument was taken into account by the Founding Fathers of the United States when drafting the Constitution.

Silverman further pointed to the Second Amendment as an example. She said certain fundamental rights were outdated rules drafted by a framer who didn’t even think about the AR-15 rifle.

Silverman says the same logic can be applied to social media sites. The Founding Fathers did not foresee Twitter or its far-reaching impact on the public.

The 51-year-old actress used more Nazi Germans to prove her claims. However, she was later turned over because Germans crack down on social media sites. They may have realized the power of misinformation after learning a lesson from the country’s history.


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