‘Satisfyingly greasy’ – Felicity Cloake tastes meatless chicken nuggets.

meIf I had asked about her relationship with chicken nuggets before trying the Impossible version, I would have denied all my knowledge. I’m sure I ate it growing up, but I have very little memory of it until the Impossible’s golden perfect oval disc appeared under my nose. However, after a strange smell that smells more like chicken than it really is, I’m back on my 10th birthday car at the local leisure center. , I’m sorry. Delicious, no matter how old you are…

Fresh out of the fryer, this dish has a crispy, satisfyingly greasy crust and a well-seasoned interior that is as salty and flavorful as a turkey dinosaur. Fortunately, there are no signs of the aggressive amounts of dried herbs commonly used by meat substitutes. Pretend they have all the flavors of cardboard packaging. The texture is juicy and slightly bouncy (carefully finger poked) in the unique way of a highly processed meat, but with identifiable fluff strands inside that vaguely recall the real thing.

Because that’s the point here. I’m imagining it’s not impossible. Trying to reproduce the chicken breast meatballs is mimicking chicken nuggets. To be honest, it’s a very different beast. Ross Forder, founder of vegan chain Halo Burger, agrees that nostalgia is a “fast food hunk” that’s a big part of its appeal after not too long on its menu. I’d suggest that the late night crowds in the East London area where we’re sitting won’t actually have what they’re eating. he laughs I think so.

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