Saweetie applauds Joe Budden for his takeoff remarks.

Saweetie responds after Joe Budden slams her on her latest single, ‘Don’t Say Nothin,’ which may have sung about viral gossip related to her love life.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Saweetie responds to Joe Budden’s criticism.

Saweetie applauded Joe Budden’s comment in a recent tweet.

One of her tweets was ‘saweetie needs s*it????? All right, Joelisha.’

Meanwhile, in a follow-up message, she said, ‘Is misogynistic behavior now normal in HIP HOP culture? I think so.’

Besides, her message seems to come in response to Joe Budden calling her out on her new single, Don’t Say Nothin’.

Besides, one of her lines was, “Why do niggas always talk about who I fuck with?” / He must have been agitated when I FaceTimed him with nothing on.’

Job Budden slams Saweetie for Don’t Say Nothin’.

Saweetie released her latest EP, The Single Life, last week on November 18th. However, the single Don’t Say Nothin’ caught the attention of netizens.

Moreover, fans believe that Saweetie seems to have addressed her love life in the song. In case you didn’t know, the Bay Area native has been linked to Lil Baby since his explosive split with Quavo.

Additionally, the Best Friend rapper faced massive heat to release tracks while the industry mourned Takeoff’s death. Netizens pointed out that Sawiti should have delayed the release.

Joe Budden also listened to the latest episode of his podcast to address the issue.

He seemingly said, ‘Saweetie has to shut up.’

The rapper-turned-podcaster further asked, ‘Did you f**k Offset?’

So, this led to the internet once again guessing the reason and discovering whether or not Saweetie slept with Cardi B’s husband.

Besides, Budden said, ‘Whatever she said in that freestyle, the timing was bad.’

He calmly said, ‘This is not the time for freestyle. From what I’ve heard, I honestly haven’t heard anything about Quavo. For example, I keep hearing Lil Baby and I think people keep confusing it with Quavo, like last time.’

Beyond that, Budden said, “But either way, it’s not the time to mess around.” After the loss of his brother and nephew, that’s not the time. This is not the time. I’m sorry, Savity. push back you were quiet Now there’s no need to shake the table.’


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