Saweetie reveals ex-boyfriend and new album ‘The Single Life’

Saweetie recently dispelled past sparks rumors while talking about the inspiration for her new album ‘Single Life’.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Saweetie explains rumors about ex-boyfriend

Saweetie recently talked about their new album, The Single Life, before hosting The Single Life Night with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey last Friday.

She claimed that this album was ‘my testimony as a single woman and what I went through, the good and the bad’.

She also said, ‘I think it’s time to speak up because my personal love life seems to be widely known in the media and on the Internet’.

Saweetie previously talked about the new album in an interview. people magazine.

‘I think the best way to respond to my perception is music,’ she said. To be honest, I wouldn’t have a personal conversation online if you didn’t know me personally.’

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Moreover, the 29-year-old singer has confirmed that her new album is due to be released this year.

She said, ‘Single life… We should be comfortable being single.’

Also, the hitmaker Icy Grl goes on to say, ‘If you want to go here or there, that’s OK. But I am a single woman and I am proud to be with myself.’

The reporter then asked Sowatti what kind of sound listeners would hear when they listen to ‘Single Life’.

Aboriginal Californians say, ‘I think they can expect honesty, truth. Single life is really like a diary of my life. So they don’t catch anything they catch.’

Learn more about Saweetie’s past relationship

Sawitty announced that she and Kwabo, who she had been dating for two years, broke up in 2021.

However, their relationship made headlines when the 31-year-old released a new track called Messy with fellow Migos member Takeover.

In the song, Quavo hinted that his ex-girlfriend slept with one of his friends while he was still in a relationship.

This led fans to speculate that Saweetie may have had an affair with the Workin’ Me rapper along with her friend Lil Baby.

The My Type singer also indirectly referred to Quavo’s allegations of unfaithfulness in several tweets during the breakup process.

She said, ‘I’m single. I endured too many betrayals and hurt behind my back for false stories that undermined my character.’



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