Scott Parker’s dressing room speech at halftime of the Bournemouth promotion decision is a must-see.

45 minutes into the 0-0 game level, a cool, calm, and composure Parker sat side by side with the players and delivered a powerful message of auto-promotion.

Things soon got hot when the former Charlton, Chelsea and West Ham midfielders spoke about the emotions of the game. After two years of absence from the Premier League, a rallying cry was needed. He did exactly that.

According to Parker, the first half may have been “a game of basketball” but the second half showed a refreshing and lively Bournemouth team.

Steve Cooper’s team struggled to create plenty of opportunities after the break and scored the 10th goal of the season after Kieffer Moore finished a great free kick routine in the 83rd minute.

It was enough to bring Bournemouth back to the Premier League. “We deserve it.” Parker said after a full-time whistle. “Our goal was promotion and we did it. We thought we were great in the second half.”

So what did they say in the halftime locker room?

The following is an analysis of Parker’s speech, which has received much acclaim but includes some key areas for improvement.

“Don’t let this become an emotional game,” he says. “I said at the beginning that players can do everything. Not us. Not us. They have. So understand. Be brave in our moment. Sometimes we manage the game and sometimes we get their press right. No problem at all.

“But understand that, like the youngsters, this team, our team and our top five are fatal to their team. So get them into the foot race, stick to our feet, and get creative inside and out of the box. Then do it with the same tee as you on the other side of the game and we’ll go back.

“I spoke to young people about their thoughts on what today will bring. More importantly, from the beginning, I said it was about what we do and everything we do. And to men, not just tonight, I am one of you. One person is very proud, each one of you is very proud, and you deserve all you get, you deserve all you get.

“Why? Because I see a group of players who come every day and give us everything. And when you do that, as I always said to the boys, there is a chance in life. You get the right player. . Got your moment, I can’t thank you enough, I can’t be more proud of you than the youngsters.

one more. The song we go out, can we put it in? I’d love to see it bounce!”


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