‘Scream’ star making a new movie was like playing ‘Among Us’


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what show scream What’s so unique about the slasher genre is that every movie is as dumb as the characters and the audience never knows who this time under the ghostface mask is. Celebrating a new decade with this January series scream A reboot resumes the hunt for the identity of the most recent masked killer crossing Woodsboro.

every scream For fans who want to know the truth, the film’s ending was kept top secret during production… which left the cast a bit confused. While talking to Bloody Disgusting, Jack Quaid revealed that he and his fellow actors initially received multiple versions of the script. Or even if their characters go to the end of the movie.

Quaid said, “My character is… In particular, at the beginning of filming, we received different scripts.” “I wasn’t quite sure what the situation was. Some characters die in some versions, others die in other versions. In some versions someone is the killer, in other versions someone else is the killer. It was like a big game. among us.”

radio silence Taking over the franchise from long-lost Wes Craven, directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin clearly learned from: scream‘s past here. 1997 scream 2 It is the first film to suffer from an infamous internet leak, with the full script going online during production. This forced the filmmakers to abandon the screenplay and develop a new one. Similar cloak and dagger tactics were also used. scream 4, Because the cast couldn’t read the script beyond page 75.

Well, after all that effort to hide spoilers, the new scream It opens in theaters this weekend, so it’s time to find out who lives, who dies, and who’s responsible for all of this. Early reviews called it a “brutal” “masterpiece,” and it’s probably the best work since the original.

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