Security Guard Weeping During Kendrick Lamar Concert TikTok Video Viral

Kendrick Lamar’s recent live performance brought one of the guards to tears. Concerts and festivals are always special for music lovers. Sometimes such events capture heartbreaking moments. Just like what happened to the guards during a recent Kendrick Lamar performance.

Read ahead to learn more about Kendrick Lamar’s live performance. The guards weep.

Kendrick Lamar’s performance brings the guards to tears.

Music festivals and concerts are held all over the world. Among them, Kendrick Lamar also performed. Recently, Kendrick was in Houston, Texas, for a concert. While a large audience was standing at the concert when Kendrick performed. He is one of those performances that captured the heartbreaking moment.

When Kendrick performs his song “Love” live for fans. One of the bodyguards’ reactions to his song caught everyone’s attention. In a recent video of Rama’s concert, a security guard shed tears while listening to Rama’s ‘Love’ song.

Security guard reacts to viral video of shedding tears at Lamar’s concert

A video of a bodyguard crying during Lamar’s performance was posted on TikTok by user dejaihvu. TikTok’s videos quickly went viral, garnering over 1 million views. However, the most surprising thing about the video was when the security guard directly commented on his viral video.

After seeing his video on TikTok and SNS, the bodyguard left a comment on the video. Where he mentioned in the video that he was himself and that Lamar’s song “Love” meant everything to him. He said he likes getting paid at such concerts.

@dejaihvu The man should have just bought a ticket 😩🤣 #kendriklamar #thebigstepperstour #Houston Tox ♬ Original Sound – Dejai Smith

User reaction to video of bodyguards weeping at Lamar concert

Undoubtedly, videos of security guards from Lamar’s concerts went viral immediately everywhere. In fact, TikTok users reacted quickly to the security guard’s video. Where you said you don’t need a ticket there.

One of our users said that this is what happens when a song hits someone’s soul. One person even said he was lucky to get money there instead of buying concert tickets.

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