Security guards spread the virus in Tiktok after Cardi B pulled his hair while performing at the Wireless Festival.

Cardi B has always been one of the stars to entertain and surprise everyone with her acting, and recently TikToker went viral after Cardi B grabbed her head at a festival. Yes, Cardi B and TikToker had a brief interaction in which the singer touched TikToker’s hair. Now leave the internet and envy Tic Talkers.

Read ahead to learn more about Cardi B grabbing TikTok’s head when performing at the festival.

Cardi B had a brief interaction with TikToker at the festival.

In addition to the iconic music artist, Cardi B was an amazing person. She is someone who loves her fun and never misses a chance to make everyone fall for her more and more. Well, it happened when she had a very brief interaction with TikToker at one of the festivals where she was performing.

While Cardi performed at the Wireless Festival in London. She went to touch the guard’s hair at the festival. Although she and her guards’ interactions were really brief. But it left a smile on the guard. The video is becoming a hot topic.

Tiktoker’s videos are going viral on TikTok.

The guard Cardi touched his hair was previously inactive on TikTok. However, after posting Cardi’s interaction with him, he also posted an interesting video on TikTok. The security guard in the virus video is from England, where the festival was held.

@officialfletch_ Thanks for holding my head, Cardi πŸ˜‚ #Wireless Festival #wireless telephone #finsbury park #cardive #cardi #viral #fyp ♬ Original sound – Officialfletch_

TikToker @Officialfetch_’s viral video went viral on TikTok. To date, it has garnered over 1.6 million views. His video had captions showing how beautiful the moment was for him, along with the words β€œThank you for holding my hair Cardi.”

User reaction to TikToker’s viral video with Cardi B

TikToker’s viral videos are causing a lot of viral among TikTok users. Because they loved the video too. In fact, users were forced to comment on the video. One of the users said he was jealous of the guards.

Another user got lucky to have this kind of interaction with CardiB by calling the security guard. One user said he wouldn’t have washed his hair after that if he had been a security guard.

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