See: Bhad Bhabie describes the backlash she received after being accused of Blackfishing in a new selfie video.

Bhad Bhabie is responding to backlash after being accused of blackfishing in a new selfie video. On Monday, Nov. 14, the “Gucci Flip Flops” rapper took a breather on his Instagram Story after receiving criticism on social media for posting a video on Instagram that was several shades darker than usual. As part of her first post, she shared a photo of the foundation she was wearing, adding a darker shade to her face. “Case Closed”, composed by Bhad Bhabie over the photo. In response, she said, “Never ask me what is my legitimate reason for not using IG. Don’t bring cash here. I don’t have to be here. I do it for the fans but you guys take it too far every time. It’s really miserable and weird. Journalist Wanna Thompson coined the term “blackfishing” to describe the practice of white individuals altering their appearance to appear African-American. Social media platform Twitter has been vocal about the new look of social media personality Bhad Bhabie. Twitter users wondered when it would be canceled because Bhad Bhabie wore a blackface.

Bhad Bhabie responds to the backlash she is receiving over allegations of Blackfishing.

Social media personality Bhad Bhabie’s new look has confused netizens. In her Instagram story, her rapper appeared a few shades darker than she’s seen in person. This angered netizens and accused social media personality Bhad Bhabie of blackfishing her. The video showed Bhad Bhabie wearing a blonde wig over her light straight hair, a black turtleneck top with full sleeves, and chain-like jewelry, making her a web sensation. Her makeup shocked netizens. Many people have noticed that she looks more orange than her natural complexion. Her lips also seemed a lot bigger than she thought. Bhad Bhabie posted a picture of her Instagram story of the foundation she used in her makeup in response to her discussions about her blackfishing on the internet. It looked like she was wearing a darker foundation than usual. Nevertheless, she composed on the image of ‘Case Closed’. Following her Instagram story, she explained to her followers why she is inactive.

Netizens have repeatedly accused Bhad Bhabie of using a darker base to appear as of another race after commenting on the blackfishing allegations. One Twitter user also posted a video foreshadowing the creator’s ongoing dilemma. The video shows Bhad Bhabie saying: I don’t understand why someone has to be black. I can’t figure it out. This isn’t the first time social media personality Bhad Bhabie has faced such allegations. Last summer there were accusations of cultural appropriation of Bhad. She said: When I see that cultural appropriation, I just pass it over because it’s crazy. You cannot act with color. Please don’t say I act black just because I’m not black. I’m acting urban or whatever you want to call it. I don’t have a name for it. I call it ‘me’. The way I act is me. As I keep braiding my hair, it is not recognized as a dark history. It makes no sense at all.

Fans accuse Bhad Bhabie of blackfishing on Twitter.

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