Selena Gomez could end ties with BFF and kidney donor Francia Raisa.

It looks like the friendship between Selena Gomez and her kidney donor Francia Reisa has finally come to an end.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Selena Gomez went on radio silence over allegations of fallout with Francia Raisa.

Selena Gomez talked about health issues in a recent article, My Mind & Me. But she never mentioned her ex-best friend in documentaries or in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Moreover, in an exchange last week, a 30-year-old Disney alumnus said, ‘You never hang out with a group of cool girls who are celebrities. My only friend in the industry is really Taylor.’

Besides E! According to the news, Francia unfollowed Gomez on Instagram shortly after the documentary was released.

She went on to write ‘interesting’ in the comments section.

Nevertheless, Gomez left an eyebrow-raising message in the comments section of a TikTok video that mentioned Raisa unfollowing the singer after the premiere documentary.

The artist, Love You Like A Love Song, surprised fans by saying, “I’m sorry I couldn’t mention everyone I know.”

A new report says the feud between former friends began when Raisa raised questions about Gomez’s ‘unhealthy lifestyle’.

Fans react to Selena Gomez’s fallout with Francia Raisa

Selena Gomez’s preference to remain silent on the subject of her ‘family member’ Francia Raisa has taken the internet by storm.

E! In the comments section, some fans were outraged. News’ post.

One user wrote: ‘She only talked about Taylor because she’s the only one in the business!’

Another claimed, ‘Selena was wrong, how could she forget her friend Laisa?’

Another netizen said, “It means a lot, but it seems rude to a woman who donated her kidney.”

However, many fans arose to defend Gomez.

One fan commented on the singer Rare being ‘referring to the music industry to which Francia doesn’t belong’. She calls Francia her family. This woman has to constantly defend everything she says. She is wild.’

Then the same user said, ‘Why are you so upset? Francia is not a superstar!!! She no longer follows Cell, why? Not interested in documentaries? It wasn’t about a kidney donor, it was about Selena’s illness, her emotions and her fears!’


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