Serena Williams not attending Wimbledon amid controversy over free car

New speculation has emerged after Serena Williams decided to miss the big Wimbledon tournament this week.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Why did Serena Williams turn down the Wimbledon event?

Wimbledon hosted the Centennial Celebration on Sunday to mark the centenary of the Center Court.

Roger Federer, who missed the tournament due to a knee injury, flew to the venue to join fellow champions Rod Laver, Billie Jean King and Rafael Nadal.

Moreover, the organizers of the All England Club were reaching out to the 23-time Grand Slam champions who attended the awards ceremony.

Nevertheless, following new controversies, Williams is ‘disappointed’ about allocating a free car at the Grand Slam.

Serena Williams
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As reported by the British Telegraph, Williams has requested five free cars from organizers for herself, her husband, sister, mother and coach.

Wimbledon usually assigns only one car to each player, but some players have different cars for their coaches.

Federer is speculated to be one of those rare players who can use five cars when competing.

Nevertheless, according to the outlet, Williams’ request was denied.

What’s more, the tennis icon reportedly asked Wimbledon officials to keep the free car longer, despite customary return rules within 24 hours of the event.

“She wanted to use the car for two weeks because it happens at other Grand Slam events,” a source told The Telegraph.

“I heard it was impossible because other players had to use it,” he said. she was not happy Perhaps that’s why she refused to participate in her centennial parade.’

Users react to Serena Williams’ controversial profanity

The fact that Serena Williams did not attend the Wimbledon celebration sparked a heated debate on social media.

Some of the tennis fans shouted at the player that she could rent a car without missing the game.

One user said, ‘You naughty boy. Like she doesn’t have the money to buy a car for her entourage?’

Another said, ‘You may have bought it or at least rented it. She and her husband are both millionaires.’

Another fan commented, ‘How Serena skips a center court event for a Rolling Stones concert. I can’t be with her.’

Icon has yet to comment on the controversy with Wimbledon officials, but a spokesperson spoke with Yahoo Sports.

They argued, ‘we [Wimbledon] All shipping requests we received have been fulfilled.’



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