SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi confesses his love to his agency, and breaks up during a talk show

Recently, in ‘My Alcohol Diary’, Seventeen’s performance team leader Hoshi was depicted happily wasting.

Tiger Powerstar is the third guest of the show hosted by high school rapper S3 winner and soloist Youngji Lee. Seventeen members said that they could only drink one and a half bottles before the broadcast started. Tiger Power’s singer Tiger expressed his condolences to her agency, Pledis Entertainment, and became increasingly drunk.

Hoshi began the discussion by talking about the difficulties and tensions he experienced during the contract renewal period. The superstar was already intoxicated, so he ended up crying while praising Pledis Entertainment.

Seventeen Hoshi showed his affection for Pledis Entertainment in ‘My Alcohol Diary’.

Rapper Youngji Lee will be the host of ‘My Alcohol Diary’, a new talk show on the YouTube channel. On June 24, 2022, TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Subin appeared as the first guest. The second was K-pop soloist Queen Sunmi, and the third was Seventeen’s Tiger Hamster Hoshi.

The 26-year-old idol’s wild and cheeky persona is included in the episode material. Whenever Lee Young-ji or Hoshi used an English word, they both had to shoot. The members of SEVENTEEN were already in a state of intoxication, and less than halfway through the broadcast, they were putting hearts on their chests.

Singer Tiger Power revealed the difficulties he faced during the contract renewal process. She shed tears as she conveyed her love for Pledis Entertainment to her audience.

โ€œPlease put this in too. I really love Pledis. They have supported us a lot since we were nothing. I really love our company.โ€

Before shedding tears, the star shared the pressure she felt during the contract renewal process. Despite having 13 members, SEVENTEEN continues to dominate the charts and achieve success, so there can be a stark divergence.

The performance team leader (26) explained that each other’s views can be affected because they can form a family-like relationship.

Meanwhile, his groupmates enjoyed mocking him on Weverse. Jeonghan revealed that he had a choreography practice video for the comeback single HOT, and Mingyu released a screenshot of the performance team leader sobbing.

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