SEVENTEEN’s Vernon skillfully answered BTS-related questions.

Vernon tactfully ends the question. seventeencompared the progress of BTS with BTS.

Here’s everything you need to know.

seventeenVernon’s answer compared to BTS

Vernon recently visited an American radio station with Seungkwan and DK. They sat down for an interview with Sirius XM conducted by Tony Simon.

In radio interviews, K-pop stars talked about the bonds between members. seventeen. They also discussed the group’s relationship with the fans known as Carat.

Moreover, since it was an English broadcast, Korean-American Vernon took the initiative to answer most of the questions. Nevertheless, DK and Seungkwan frequently answered a few questions.

However, during the interview, Vernon asked a particularly difficult question when comparing the progress of BTS compared to BTS.

Simon told the three of them, ‘When I started a band, I never imagined that it would come up like BTS. It will be on the same level as BTS.’

Vernon, on the other hand, answered the question in a diplomatically dignified manner.

He said, “Even when they debuted, BTS wasn’t BTS today. So, it’s crazy what we’re doing and where we are right now.’

If you didn’t know, seventeen BTS debuted in 2015. BTS had already been debuting for over two years, but they were experiencing tremendous difficulties at the time.

Pan seventeen BTS’ reaction to Vernon’s reaction

of many fans seventeen BTS was outraged by the comparison between the two Korean bands. They used social media to express their views.

One fan said, ‘These questions are really trivial, but Vernon answered calmly and showed a mature side, so it was good.’

The second fan is ‘seventeenThe goal is to be the best seventeen They can.’

The third is ‘I am ARMY and I am caret. This interview makes me sad. Why did he compare himself to other groups? Just respect each other.’

Meanwhile, few fans were dissatisfied with Vernon’s reaction. They claimed the Fake Love singers were breaking records in 2015.

One fan wrote, “At the time of their debut, BTS wasn’t what they are today.” The group debuted in 2015 and BTS already sold more than the big 3 groups in that year. What exactly are you talking about..?? I’m just talking to talk.’

seventeenFans of The Movie quickly defended their idol, saying that Vernon was referring to the group’s successful trajectory.


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