Shakira faces 8 years in prison and $23 million fine in Spain for tax fraud case

Colombian singer Shakira is accused of evading a total of 14.5 million euros (about $14.8 million) in taxes in Spain. She faces long prison terms and significant fines.

According to a report on Friday by Spanish publication El Pas, Spanish prosecutors charged Shakira of six counts of tax fraud and recommended eight years and six months in prison and a substantial fine of more than 23 million euros. ($23.5 million).

The court close to Barcelona, ​​where Shakira lives, will take the case. She will be invited to testify at a hearing expected to be held in the next few weeks.

Shakira first failed an appeal to dismiss the case in May.

Shakira failed her first attempt to dismiss the case last May. The author also rejected a settlement offer to settle the dispute without trial by the Spanish judiciary earlier this week. At the time, Shakira claimed that her prosecutors “did not compromise” and used her “improper methods” to force her into her plea trading.

According to El Pas, the recent ruling means that Shakira will likely have to testify before a hearing, regardless of new developments, just to approve the contract, even though it has not yet been reached. According to insiders close to the artist, Shakira is “determined” to see the matter through to the end.

The fraud allegations are said to have taken place between 2012 and 2014, when Shakira began an affair with Barcelona FC player Gerard Pique, then maintained a financial residence in the Bahamas and was charged with evading Spanish taxes while living in Barcelona, ​​Spain. All.

The Colombian star responded.

The Colombian actress said she was in a troubled time of travel and did not officially move to Spain until 2015.

According to prosecutors, Shakira was living in Barcelona, ​​according to records of visits to hairdressers, gynecologists and hired music studios.

Shakira’s lawyer said the singer “did not stay long enough in Spain” to be subject to tax rules between 2012 and 2014. They also said that prosecutors relied on “indirect” evidence to support her allegations regarding Shakira’s residence.

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Shakira said he was “willing to settle any differences” with the tax authorities once it is determined to be valid. She also revealed that during the relevant period she followed the financial advice of PricewaterhouseCoopers, a London-based consulting firm specializing in tax law and financial services. El Pas reports that it is unknown whether the company is involved in a legal dispute.

Shakira, who claims to have not made Barcelona a legal new home until 2015, appears to be preparing to leave the Catalan capital and the country as a whole. It is reported that she plans to emigrate to the United States after breaking up with her lover Pique in January.

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