Shanghai’s Month-Plus closure extends to suburbs

1 month plus china coronavirus shanghai closure pervasive State-run to include a nearby suburban community on Monday Global Times Chinese health authorities have reportedly said they have “locked down” residential complexes in Tonglu County and Jiangyin City after detecting new outbreaks of the disease in the local population.

Eastern China’s Tonglu county has ordered mandatory Chinese coronavirus testing for all its 450,000 residents from 8 May and banned “free movement” of residents from 9 May. Global Times reported

Tonglu County’s Epidemic Response Team said Monday that all county residents[ing] out of town or building unless necessary. Anyone wishing to enter must provide a negative result of a nucleic acid test obtained within 24 hours.”

Tonglu County is administered by Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province. Communist Party officials ordered the entire county of Tonglu to shut down on Monday after they recently found a handful of asymptomatic and asymptomatic Chinese coronavirus infections in Hangzhou. These coronavirus patients said in the days immediately preceding May 9 that “it was found that they had a travel itinerary in Tonglu.” Global Times. Hangzhou-based and Tonglu-associated coronavirus patients ” additionally visited epicenter outside the province. [of Zhejiang],” according to the Tonglu County Government.

Tonglu’s Epidemic Eradication Task Force said Monday it erected physical barriers at the entrances and exits of residential complexes across the prefecture to “seal” the apartment complex from the outside world and prevent escapes during the blockade imposed by the Communist Party.

“To contain the potential spread of the virus, the county will enforce strict controls on closed areas that will be closed by physical measures. Residents of areas under control and taking precautions will be barred from gathering or leaving the area,” reads a May 9 press release from Tonglu County.

Outside of Zhejiang, the city of Jiangin, adjacent to Shanghai, also ordered nearly 900,000 residents on Monday to comply with travel restrictions to contain the Chinese coronavirus outbreak.

“[A] Temporary traffic controls have been put in place city-wide and nucleic acid testing has been implemented city-wide.” Global Times It observed the closure of Jiangyin on May 9, citing the city’s epidemic prevention and control task force.

Jiangyin is a city under the jurisdiction of Wuxi, the main city of Jiangsu Province. Jiangyin and Tonglu counties are close to Shanghai, and since then, all of China has been on its own coronavirus lockdown. April 5. Shanghai is about 90 miles southeast of Jiangyin and 170 miles northeast of Tonglu County.

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